Top 10 Keto Friendly Vegetables

All vegetables are good for you. At the very least they are all a better choice than candy, soda, and pastries! However, when you are following a Keto based diet there are some vegetables that are better for you than others! For people who are new the keto lifestyle and trying to navigate keto macros, keto sweeteners, and the different types of keto figuring out what types of vegetables are good and which are filled with carbs can be challenging. Here at Tales From Home, we like to try and make things simple. Here are our top ten Keto-friendly vegetables!

If you’re looking to plant a Keto-friendly garden then a lot of these should make your list there too!

Top 10 Keto Friendly Vegetables

A selection of keto friendly vegetable's

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Kale, Lettuce and Spinach

So technically these are three different vegetables but let’s be honest, most of us lump these leafy greens together as ‘salad’. While the exact carb count for each type varies a little bit leafy greens are for the most part pretty safe. It’s hard to overeat on greens and their high water & fiber count tends to make a worthwhile addition to your meal plans.

Even better these can be used in a variety of ways. You don’t always have to turn them into a salad to enjoy them (although a great salad is hard to beat during the summer!). Consider using lettuce to replace hamburger bun or sandwich bread. Turn kale and spinach into delicious dips or pair them with some cheese and make a great chicken stuffing!

Net Carbs Counts per 1 Cup

  • Kale – 5.4g
  • Spinach – 0g
  • Lettuce – 1g


A lot of us grew up disliking asparagus but this vegetable really gets a bad rap! If it’s prepared properly (read not boiled until mushy) with some seasonings it can be so delicious even your kids will love it!

Asparagus is a great addition to a home garden since it comes back year after year and is easy to harvest as needed. You can enjoy it roasted with lemon and parmesan cheese or even wrapped in bacon. Asparagus can be a great side dish for steak or salmon which are two pretty popular keto proteins.

Net Carbs Per 1 Cup

  • Asparagus – 2.4g


Cauliflower is the potatoes and rice of keto. If you are attempting to make an old favorite recipe keto-friendly then odds are you will using cauliflower as a substitute for potatoes or rice. Mashed cauliflower is delicious, especially if you add some cheddar cheese. Just make sure that you drain the cauliflower well before processing or your mash will be too runny. Roasting it before mashing will also help dry it out and tends to give better results!

Cauliflower can be grated and used to make fried rice, chopped and added to soups or stews or seasoned and fried. Because it has a relatively mild flavor and tends to pick up the flavors of whatever it’s cooked in it’s highly versatile and useful in a keto kitchen! It even makes for some pretty awesome ‘mac ‘n’ cheese.

Net Carbs Per 1 Cup

  • Cauliflower – 2.2g
Broccoli and cauliflower tossed in oil,salt and pepper


Broccoli is almost as versatile as cauliflower. It goes great in soups, can work as a pasta substitute for dishes like Mac ‘n’ cheese or Alfredo, and can even be grated and turned into patties or tater tot’s. My personal favorite way to make broccoli is to either eat it raw with some ranch or roast it with some coconut oil, salt, pepper, and a sprinkle of parm.

No matter which way you choose to make, broccoli is a great addition to a keto fridge or freezer. Frozen broccoli tends to be more available to cauliflower florets I have found and it’s often cheap which is great if you’re trying to do keto on a budget.

Net Carbs Per 1 Cup

  • Broccoli – 4g


Cabbage sometimes seems like the forgotten vegetable. Although it’s used in coleslaw and some salads it’s just not something a lot of people think about when stocking their produce.

However, cabbage is delicious if you roast it with some garlic or combine it with sausage. It can be used to replace the noodles for keto lasagna and stir-fries or added to soup for a bit of extra bulk. In fact, cabbage soup is probably one of my all-time favorite dishes – and has been since I was a kid!

Net Carbs Per 1 Cup

Cabbage – 3g

Brussels Sprouts

If you think asparagus gets a bad rap then Brussels Sprouts really suffer. How many times have we heard old jokes about being threatened with eating Brussels sprouts for dinner? It’s true that they can be quite terrible if cooked wrong as they can have a bitter flavor and a mushy texture when boiled.

However, roasted or pan-fried until slightly brown? Yum! They can have almost a sweet flavor if cooked with some minced garlic and butter and they go delightfully well with a bit of bacon. While they might not be as versatile as broccoli or cauliflower they can be a nice change if you’re tired of asparagus with your steak.

Net Carbs Per 1 Cup

Brussels Sprouts – 5g


If you crave crunchy snacks or just want something to munch on then it’s hard to go wrong with celery. While a lot of people thin its a bit on the boring side it’s easy to jazz up celery with a bit of dip some people even enjoy it with peanut butter or cheese. Celery can be a great addition to soups, salads, or cold plates which can make for a great lunch or supper during hot weather.

Net Carbs Per 1 Cup

  • Celery – 1.4g


Cucumbers are also a great addition in the summer months. They can be one of the most refreshing keto friendly vegetables on a hot day and can provide a crunchy snack that former chip lovers might be craving. Cucumbers are especially great as they tend to soak up whatever flavors they are seasoned with. you can pickle them, soak them in your favorite dressing or just season the with some spices. Many people enjoy them as an addition to salads or sandwiches!

Net Carbs Per 1 Cup

  • Cucumbers – 2g

Green Beans

Green beans are an excellent addition to a keto kitchen. Especially for a family on a budget as they are widely available in both canned and frozen varieties. It’s usually pretty easy to find some on sale and they are versatile enough to go with most meat or meal plans.

While green beans might seem like a fairly boring vegetable with a bit of creativity you can create some great keto dishes. You might even try adapting an old traditional favorite like Green Bean casserole.

Net Carbs Per 1 Cup

  • Green Beans – 2g

Green Bell Peppers

Bell peppers are a very useful vegetable to have when considering keto friendly vegetables! They can be used to flavor other dishes, eaten raw or added to salads and cold plates. We especially love to create stuffed bell pepper recipes and cooking them alongside some brats or hot dogs will make a pretty awesome lunch.

Like cucumbers and celery they can also provide a cool crunchy snack for those missing their chips and dip!

Net Carbs Per 1 Cup

  • Green Bell Peppers – 4g

Top 10 Keto Vegetables to have in your Fridge! #keto #lchf #ketovegetables #lowcarb #weightloss #Ketodiet #ketoinformation



Top 10 Keto Vegetables to have in your Fridge! #keto #lchf #ketovegetables #lowcarb #weightloss #Ketodiet #ketoinformation
Top 10 Keto Vegetables to have in your Fridge! #keto #lchf #ketovegetables #lowcarb #weightloss #Ketodiet #ketoinformation
Top 10 Keto Vegetables to have in your Fridge! #keto #lchf #ketovegetables #lowcarb #weightloss #Ketodiet #ketoinformation</>
Top 10 Keto Vegetables to have in your Fridge! #keto #lchf #ketovegetables #lowcarb #weightloss #Ketodiet #ketoinformation</>
Top 10 Keto Vegetables to have in your Fridge! #keto #lchf #ketovegetables #lowcarb #weightloss #Ketodiet #ketoinformation</>
Top 10 Keto Vegetables to have in your Fridge! #keto #lchf #ketovegetables #lowcarb #weightloss #Ketodiet #ketoinformation</>

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