Why I am Giving FabFitFun a try, and you should too!

I recently did a post telling everyone that they should learn to love themselves (Love Yourself – Being single on Valentines Day). Now I am not single and quite happily married but the advice spoke to me. How often do I spend time making sure my kids and husband are happy? How often do I spend time making myself happy? Sometimes that scale is a bit one-sided. I figured it was time to invest in a bit of self-love – so I signed up for FabFitFun.

What is FabFitFun?

FabFitFun is a seasonal subscription box. Boxes are mailed out four times a year (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter) and contain over $200 dollars worth of full-sized Items. Each box contains a mix of beauty, fashion, fitness, tech, and lifestyle products and some of these can be customized when you order. Each box costs $49.99 (although you can save $10 off your first box with the Code – WELCOME10).

Why did I pick FabFitFun?

With a large number of subscription boxes out there it can be hard to find one that your willing to spend money on. How do you really know its the best choice? Well here are my reasons for choosing FabFitFun over all those other boxes.

  • Full Sized Products – Some boxes seem to be filled with a lot of stuff but then it arrives and you find out that most of the products are sample sized. I mean samples are cool, but If I am spoiling myself with a gift box four times a year I want the real thing.
  • A Wide Variety of Items – I like make-up, I like Jewellery, fashion, AND Fitness. I like a wide variety of things and while it might be nice to get a box full of only one type of item … I wanted variety. Variety is the spice of life. FabFitFun delivers when it comes to variety and I love that. you even have the option to add items to your box at highly discounted prices!
  • More then just a Box – If you have been following my blog you will see that I have been following a more active and healthy lifestyle lately. I have been following the Keto way of eating and running but I have started to want more. The last time I actually learned about fitness was back in Highschool. That was a long time ago! When you sign up with FabFitFun you also get access to their vast video channel which contains advice, workouts, and routines from experts. The videos range from meditation to yoga to pilates to cooking and everything in between. Its a library of knowledge that ranges from beginner to expert all in one easy to navigate location! Even if I didn’t want anything in the box (but I do!) I would probably sign up JUST for these videos.

If You are ready to spoil yourself

Go ahead and pick FabFitFun. I don’t think you will be disappointed and all of us deserve a bit of love this year. Let’s make this year the year we all indulge in a bit of Self Care. The Spring Box has just come out. I can’t wait for my box to arrive! Who doesn’t love getting sweet surprises in the mail?!?

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  1. This looks amazing! I think the more premium subscription services are always worth it. There’s so many great brands in this box. I’m not sure if we can get this one in the UK but I’ll definitely be looking into it! x


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