4 Tips For The Perfect Furniture Arrangement

The way that you arrange your furniture is a very important part of home decor, but a lot of people don’t put enough thought into it. The right furniture arrangement can help to open up a space and completely transform it, but if you get the furniture arrangement wrong, you can end up ruining the room and wasting a lot of valuable space. If you want to get your furniture arrangements right, here are a few great tips to help you out. 

4 Tips For The Perfect Furniture Arrangement

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Less Is More 

The biggest mistake that people make when arranging furniture is trying to pack too much into one room. If you have limited space, filling it with lots of bulky pieces of furniture will just make it feel cramped. When you are rearranging your furniture, you should consider moving some pieces out and putting them in a secure self storage unit for a while. Often, you will find that it’s a lot easier to arrange your furniture in a way that opens up the room if you just remove a few pieces. If you are decorating a small space, you need to consider the size and visual weight of the furniture. Putting heavy items in a small room will make the space feel cluttered and cramped, so it’s best to go for something with a light profile instead. 

Avoid Square Arrangements 

A lot of people instinctively go for a square shape with their furniture arrangements and place all the furniture against the walls, towards the edges of the room. But square arrangements look boring and there is often a lot of wasted space in the middle of the room, especially in oddly shaped rooms. It’s much better to go for something more interesting, like a triangle arrangement, that makes the room look more dynamic and makes use of all of the space. 

Take Advantage of Corners

The corners in a room are often the most underused space, and many people miss a big opportunity for adding extra storage. The corner of the room is out of the way, so you can add a lot of storage without eating up any of the valuable space in the room. Corners are also perfect for a desk area, so if you are working from home, you should rearrange the furniture and make use of those corners. 

Follow The Light 

Natural light is so important when decorating, but a lot of people don’t consider it when they are arranging furniture. If you make the mistake of blocking the natural light with big pieces of furniture, you will end up with a dark, dingy room. The best way to arrange furniture is often to move everything out of the room and see where the natural light falls. Then, you can start building your furniture arrangements around the light, so you don’t block it and you can take full advantage of it. 

Arranging furniture is an art, and you can master it if you follow these basic rules next time you are moving your furniture around. 

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