5 Reasons a Custom Phone Case Is Worth It

A personalized phone case from GoCustomized

If you ask five people to name an item they can’t live without, there’s a good chance that most of them will name their phone. Even if they don’t it’s likely pretty high up on the list. As much as we might hate to admit it, our mobile phones are an important part of modern life and having a custom phone case is a small addition I really enjoy.

I’m not ashamed to admit that I love my phone. My phone tracks my runs, takes the pictures for this blog, keeps me in touch with family & friends and allows me to save time and stay organized with the use of multiple applications. My planner might run the blog (with the exception of photos!) but my phone definitely keeps my life on track!

With so much time spent working on my phone personalizing it seemed like a pretty great idea and while I’ve had personalized cases for older phones I had yet to buy one for my newest phone. Actually, I generally feel that you can’t go wrong with any personalized product! You can imagine how quickly I jumped at the chance to get one when approached by GoCustomized with an offer to try out their service.

5 Reasons a Custom Phone Case Is Worth It

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Carry A Personalized Piece of Positivity

We all have our motivations. Much like surrounding yourself with bright and cheery items makes a workspace comfortable, carrying around a piece of positivity at your fingertips can be highly rewarding. When you personalize your phone case you have a constant reminder of the things that are important to you!

While my phone case depicts my children you can use yours to celebrate a special event, person, memory or even a quote. It’s possible to find pre-made cases with quotes that have nice meanings but nothing really means more than your own personal motto.

Never Lose Your Phone in a Group

Ever go to a family event or friendly gathering and lose track of your phone? You set it down on the table alongside 3 other phones with black cases and walk away. Now you get to play ‘Which phone is mine’ or ‘Whose phone is ringing?’

It’s not exactly the most annoying thing in the world but having your own personalized phone case makes sure that you and everyone else knows which phone is yours! You can grab it without thinking and if it goes off while your not around everyone knows who to alert! This is especially useful for people whose jobs require them to be on call or who might have babysitters or other people at home who might need to get ahold of them in a hurry.

It Can be a Great Conversation Starter!

Do you hate small talk? Same here! I never know how to start it and more often than not rely on other people to do so. My custom phone case has gotten so many remarks since I had it that I’ve managed to meet some really neat people and have some really great conversations that I otherwise would have missed out on!

I can see how this case would help me break the ice when meeting new people at friendly gatherings and that helps take away a good bit of stress.

Bragging Rights

I mean, no one likes a braggart. But once in a while, we all love to show off the things we are proud of! I love talking about my kids and bragging about how smart the dogs are. Now I don’t have to scroll through a million photos to show off my babies, I just have to flip over my phone.

Price Wise it’s not much Different!

I mean for almost the same price you can buy a plain case that a million other people already have – or one that’s made just for you. So why not go for it?

If you’re worried about coming up with a design then you don’t have to worry! Companies like GoCustomized have built-in drop and drag editors that are pretty easy to use. They even have templates, layouts and a variety of fonts and stickers you can use to make sure your case is specifically yours

While I got a basic case for my phone you can choose between a pretty wide variety, including a wooden case for a touch of extra personality or a tough case for your rough and rugged adventures.

Want to Give a Custom Phone Case a Try?

Well, you’re in luck! Click the photo below to be taken to our Instagram for your chance to win a code for $30 off a customized phone case from GoCustomized! Find this photo on our Instagram for full details!

5 Reasons to consider getting a custom Phone Case! #customized #custom #Personalizedproducts #personalize #giftidea #family #photos< />
5 Reasons to consider getting a custom Phone Case! #customized #custom #Personalizedproducts #personalize #giftidea #family #photos< />


  1. I love the idea of a custom cell phone case. Mine is a plain generic one I bought at the dollar store a few years ago. Might be time to upgrade to a new one with my own pictures on it. Now the big question is, what pictures to put on it, haha.

  2. I haven’t had a phone case in years, which I know is really bad and my luck will probably run out eventually, but I never seem to get around to it. I got a new phone a couple of weeks ago though so I should probably look for it! Yours looks great, it’s a nice way to share your photos too x


    1. Author

      I am terrified to touch my phone without a case. I have dropped it so many times I’m sure I would have killed it by now without one! Really hope your luck doesn’t run out!

  3. This is such a cute idea and such adorable photos too! I take my phone everywhere and use it to much, having it personalized would be so awesome – I’d probably put my cats on it, he he! This is a really lovely way to feel positive every time you pick up your phone! Great post Kristin, thanks for sharing! <3 xx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com

    1. Author

      I see nothing wrong with a kitty themed phone case! I couldn’t resist adding my furkids to mine!

  4. Your phone case is so cute. I love this picture. Is it a custom phone case website?

    1. Author

      You can get a custom case with that website yes, though they also have premade designs/stock type photos you can pick from!

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