Creating a Comfortable Workspace While Working from Home

creating a comfortable workspace in your home

Working from home is one of those things a lot of people dream about. Someday they say, I will get to sit down in my pajamas and make some money from the comfort of my own home! It’s a worthy dream to have and in today’s society becoming more and more plausible. Not only do a lot of companies offer remote work that can be done from anywhere but the expanding influence of bloggers (like myself!) are catching the eyes of bigger brands. Working from home might not be the pipe dream that it was in the past! There are some challenges to overcome when electing for this sort of career path however and one of the most important if overlooked ones, is creating a comfortable workspace.

But! I’m in my own home! How can that possibly be a bad thing?!? It’s not! Not at all! But there are only so many blog posts you can write while hunched over on your couch before your back and shoulders start to complain. And only so many times you can brush off ‘work’ in favor of the many distractions in your home such as books, video games and even attention seeking critters (I’m looking at you Connor!) before you start to fall behind.

Having a relatively distraction-free and comfortable workspace to get things done is pretty essential in your future success. Unless you are iron-willed and capable of ignoring everything around you!  I am not so lucky so if you’re like me here are a few tips to help you create the perfect workspace for you!

creating a comfortable workspace with distracting pets

Creating a Comfortable Workspace At Home

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Pick the Perfect Spot!

It may seem silly but picking the right spot for your workspace is fairly crucial. Ideally, it should be somewhere away from the everyday hustle and bustle of your daily life. The kitchen, the living room, and the dining room typically have too many distractions and other things going on to provide a good working environment. I found that converting half of an old guest room worked out perfectly for our family (the other half quickly became a workout space)

If you are hindered by available floor space, a sectioned off area in your bedroom (think something along the lines of the homework spaces many of us had during school) could work just as well. If you simply must make room in the dining room or living room then I suggest finding a way to separate it from the rest of the room. Folding decorative room dividers or screens could be a nice touch!

Make sure It’s a Comfortable Spot!

Photo Courtesy of UHS Window Tinting and Blinds

You might have the perfect room picked out but if it’s not comfortable then it won’t matter. Down here in the south some rooms of our home get horribly hot even with the Air Conditioner running all day! Sunlight glaring through the windows on a hot summer day will give any system a run for its money and your electric bill will show it!

I don’t really want to sit in the dark or rely on harsh artificial lighting either! Thankfully there are easy solutions to this problem, you might consider some nice blinds which can help cut some of the sun’s strength or even better consider a heat blocking window film like those offered by UHS Window Tinting and Blinds!

I know what your thinking, adding tinting to your windows is sure to create a dark and dismal room but that’s not actually true! Many of the films offered are clear or very lightly colored. There’s a good chance you won’t even know its there once it’s installed but you’ll still reap all the benefits such as a reduced energy bill, more comfortable rooms, and even safety and security perks.

Of course, if you want darker windows that’s always an option – there are even decorative options for those who want a more personal touch.

Likewise, if our desk is under the AC vents or your floors are a bit chilly you might want to keep a blanket on hand. I hate cold toes and no matter how hot it gets in the summer I always like a blanket for my feet!

Make the Spot Yours!

comfotable workspace kids art

Nobody wants to sit down and work in a dreary place. That’s half the reason most people want to quit their office jobs, isn’t it? They just can’t stand the thought of sitting in a cubicle all day long and truthfully I can’t blame them. I certainly don’t want to recreate that experience at home!

Hopefully, if you are working from home you are doing a job you enjoy and want to spend time doing. But even if that’s not the case your workspace should be a place you want to spend time in. Add some art (I have paintings my kids did for mother’s day). Maybe a few inspirational signs and little knick-knacks on your desk! Use colors and items that make you feel happy and energized. Surround yourself with things you like and the positive mindset they put you in will show up in your work.

Keep Your Workspace Organized!

comfortable workspace organized

An organization system has been pretty key to my blogging so far. Without my planner keeping all the posts, social media and blog tasks straight would devolve into utter chaos! The same can be said for my desk. I have computer wires, phone chargers and sometimes a tablet or two generally hanging around and just waiting to tangle me up or get knocked off the desk.

Don’t even get me started on the craft and photo prop supplies I typically keep on hand! The supplies you keep around you will vary of course, based on the type of work you are doing. In general, however, a basic organization system can keep your space neat, tidy and productive!

Absolute organization Must Haves!

comfortable workspace cable clips

  • A Shelf or some Bins – I tend to prefer a shelf of some sort but if you’re pressed for space then a few tots or cloth bins could work just as well! You just need somewhere to put all the stuff you will eventually acquire for your day to day work.
  • Cord Organization – I don’t know about you but I have almost pulled my computer off my desk a million times after getting caught up in the power cords. Let’s just say it’s a pretty good thing my phone has a sturdy case on it too! Thankfully I have stumbled across a simple and cheap solution to this problem! Cable Clip Organizers! These sticky little fellows from BlueKey World are great! They stick to pretty much any surface and so far none of mine have fallen off. I love them so much I will likely order more! I need to tackle the wire disaster that’s our entertainment center! They come in a package of six which is more than enough for most workspaces.  I was happy to find the wire clips are big enough that even my computer’s thick power cord can be snapped into them.
  • A Desk Organizer – Okay, maybe its because I have become a bit of a stationary junkie after starting my blog. But I seriously need a place to put my pens. The monster desk organizer I created with the kids over the summer works great.  Any option that suits you and your style will do!

How do you keep a comfortable workspace? Leave your suggestions in the comments!

creating a comfortable workspace at home #workfromhome #sahm #blogger #blogs #workspace #organization #getorganized< />
creating a comfortable workspace at home #workfromhome #sahm #blogger #blogs #workspace #organization #getorganized< />

creating a comfortable workspace at home #workfromhome #sahm #blogger #blogs #workspace #organization #getorganized< />
creating a comfortable workspace at home #workfromhome #sahm #blogger #blogs #workspace #organization #getorganized< />





  1. Great tips for having a work space. Keeping it organized it always a challenge, but with these tips and a few organizing items, even I might be able to tame the inevitable chaos that happens around my work area.See all your craft supplies has me itching to get back into crafting.

    1. Author

      I admit that the crafting supplies are the hardest to keep organized haha, there are only so many bits and bobs of leftover items you can cram into a shelf lol You should for sure get back into craftings. It’s too much fun not to!

  2. All good tips! I worked exclusively from home for a little over a year and having a dedicated space with a comfortable desk and chair were key! Also keeping distractions out of the space helped – otherwise everything else became a distraction (laundry, picking up, dirty dishes, etc). Though now I miss the convenience of being able to prep dinner before picking up the kiddo(s), and occasionally folding laundry while on a conference call.

    1. Author

      aha yeah! It’s kind of crazy how many ‘at home’ distractions can pile up! Having a nice chair and desk is definitely important! I used to blog from my coach and my back and shoulder’s hated me after a while haha

  3. I love your workspace, it is so colourful, cosy and inviting! The monster desk organizer is super cute and creative, I’m such a stationery junkie too, he he! The bright flowery paintings by your kids are so pretty and eye catching, it’s lovely to add that personal touch to your space to make it even more special and homely. I’ve made a little area in my bedroom which I use as my blogging space, I have inspirational prints, colourful stickers, books and plenty of notebooks too! Those cord organizers look really handy and something I could definitely use, thanks for the suggestions Kristin and sharing your cute workspace too! <3 xx

    Bexa |

    1. Author

      Thank you! I love my little corner of the house! I have found I really love having inspirational prints nearby and feel like I need to get more of them and of course you can never have enough stickers and notebooks =-)

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