5 Summer Organization Tips You Should Know

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Did you realize that the average person spends nearly 4,000 hours of their life looking for misplaced items? If you are tired of your home being in a constant state of disarray, now is the time to do something about it. During the summer months, most people use their downtime to get their home organized and clean. The weather during this time of year is so nice that it provides people with more energy and motivation. Are you looking for a way to declutter and organize your home this summer? If so, check out the helpful 5 summer organization tips below.

5 Summer Organization Tips You Should Know


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1. Get Your Pictures in Order

If you are like most people, finding a way to preserve special memories is something you are passionate about. While having pictures around the house can be enjoyable, it can also create a lot of clutter. Moving your old pictures to a safe storage unit can free up a lot of space.

Before taking these items out of your home, you need to think about getting your physical pictures converted into digital files. Doing this will allow you to keep a record of them and reprint them if needed. If you want to read more about digitizing pictures or videos, this page explains it well.

2. Take it One Room at a Time

One of the biggest mistakes most homeowners make is trying to organize multiple areas at one time. While this may seem like a great way to get more accomplished, it usually leads to a number of unfinished projects.

The best way to avoid this problem is by starting in one room. Taking this process one room at a time will help you focus solely on the task at hand instead of getting sidetracked. Not only will you get one room completely done, but you will also have a sense of accomplishment that can help you moving forward.

3. Work on Maximizing Vertical Space

Finding extra storage space is something most homeowners struggle with. Before you start to add new storage bins and cabinets to your home, make sure you are fully utilizing the existing space you have. Maximizing the amount of vertical space in your home can help you remove unsightly clutter.

Using the vertical space in your closets and pantry is essential. In some cases, you may need to buy additional shelving to facilitate this. However, this shelving is affordable and well worth the effort you invest to install it.

4. Take Inventory

Some people find it difficult to get rid of the possessions they have acquired over the years. Instead of letting clutter overtake your home, sitting down and thoroughly inventorying all of your items is vital. By doing this, you can get an idea of what you need to keep and what needs to go.

If you have a lot of items that you want to get rid of, have a garage sale so you can make some money. The money you make from this event can be invested in additional shelving and storage.


5. Renting a Storage Unit is a Good Idea

If you have a number of things that you simply can’t part with, you may want to think about renting a storage unit. With a storage unit, you can keep the things you love without making your home a disorganized mess. Researching the various storage units in your area is the only way to ensure the most affordable and secure one is rented.

Seek Out Professional Help

Some homeowners don’t have the time or the money needed to get this work done on their own. This is why hiring professionals to offer assistance is beneficial in some cases.

Have You Spent Any Time this Summer Working On In Home Projects?

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Summer Organization Tips for the Summer #home #organize #organization #family #summer< />

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