The Wonderful Benefits of DIY Projects

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It is inevitable that at some point in our lives we will be faced with the option of doing something ourselves…or hiring someone else to do it for us. Depending on the time, equipment and safety requirements of the project you have in mind either choice might be a viable choice. I have always preferred to do it myself anytime that I can. Some of the wonderful benefits of DIY projects might be surprising and others might be what you consider common sense!

But! If you’ve been sitting on the fence and wondering if you really want to tackle that DIY project, The points below will help make up your mind!

The Wonderful Benefits of DIY Projects

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You Can Learn New Skills

It doesn’t matter if your DIY project is creating your own lightswitch cover as we did with Air Dry Clay or something larger like repairing a porch railing. As children we spend a lot of time learning new things, we learn at school, we learn from our friends and we learn from our parents. As adults that can stagnate. We wake-up, go about our daily routines and then go back to sleep.

Some people make it a point to keep learning but most of us? We get caught up in the day to day and forget to take time for creative outlets. Learning new skills gives people confidence, has been shown to lower depression and studies have even shown that there’s a link between learning and life expectancy. People who are more educated seem to live longer!

Picking up a new skill by tackling a DIY project is great because these projects are things we want to have done so the motivation to go out get the materials and learn what you need to do is already there.

You Can Save Money!

This is a huge draw for a lot of DIYer’s! When you are doing things yourself rather than hiring a company to do things for you then you can seek out sales for any materials or tools you might need. Of course, you’ll also save money by avoiding all those mark-ups and labor costs that companies might tack on to the price.

While the initial cost of tools might be high, buying good quality versatile tools, such as those provided by SawTrax a company in Kennesaw GA who offers a variety of equipment including specialized hand cutting tools, tabletop cutting tools, saw kits, and vertical panel saws is well worth it. Over time you will collect a nice assortment of tools that you can reuse over and over again for numerous DIY projects. Plus if you have any questions along the way, the friendly staff at Saw Trax are there to help answer any and all concerns you might have on what tools to use for what project. 


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You Can Personalize Your Project!

There is something really fun about making a project truly your own! It doesn’t matter if you want to make yourself a rug for your kitchen or create some one of a kind shelving. When you do it yourself you have full creative freedom! You’re not stuck with whatever is in stock or the options that a contractor shows you.

Granted, some projects can only be customized to a certain extent but even a little bit of personalization can really make your home or decor stand out. When we started raising our own egg-laying chickens we could have easily bought and built a pre-made coop. However, I don’t think it would have been near as satisfying and now we have a really cute and fully functional coop in our backyard that stands out and serves its purpose. My husband likes to tell people all the time about how we built it ourselves.

You Can Do It Together!

Having someone come to your house and complete a project for you, or simply buying an item at the store is definitely easier and if you’re short on time (or just working on a project where safety is a concern) it’s definitely something to consider! But, the bonding time that you get from working to complete a DIY project with your family is amazing!

Getting your kids involved, even for small parts like holding and fetching tools means that they can take pride in the finished product too (and might make them more liable to help take care of it). When I was little I helped my mom build horse stalls and a goat pen and restore an old buggy and it not only brought us closer together but also gave me the confidence to look at something and say yeah…I can fix that, or build that, or create that. It’s a confidence that can’t really be taught without practicing and its something I think is really important to pass on to your kids and one of the best benefits of DIY.

You Could Discover New Hobbies!

You’re not going to enjoy every new skill you learn. I have definitely tried things that ended up being too much of a pain to ever do again. However! I have also discovered new skills and hobbies that I really love.

New hobbies can translate into new friends if you branch out to the local community and want to hone your skills or it can just give you a fun new creative outlet to practice in your downtime. Having a hands-on activity that you love to spend time doing is a good way to decompress and unplug from our mostly screen and virtual based world.

It’s even possible that you will find a new hobby that you both love and find yourself exceptionally skilled at. It’s possible to make a bit of a side hustle out of a lot of hobbies!

DIY Skills and equipment

You Learn To Think Outside the Box and Accept Mistakes

Sometimes a project just goes completely wrong and sometimes you run into roadblocks which challenge your original ideas. Over time people who do a lot of do-it-yourself projects tend to be more flexible when it comes to fixing problems.

It’s inevitable that you will mess up while attempting a new project at some point. Especially if you are learning new skills at the same time! Some people can’t handle making mistakes or going off-plan and this makes sense because for most of our lives we are taught that things must be done in a very specific way or there will be bad results – bad grades, angry managers..whatever.

Spending time on DIY projects and having to deal with mistakes or unknown challenges once you get started will eventually make you a better troubleshooter and a person who can come up with a solution while under pressure. No matter what you do in your daily job that’s a life skill that is very helpful.

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The Benefits of DIY Projects Are Good For Everyone!

Everyone likes to think that a DIY project has to be complicated or large in nature but that doesn’t have to be the case. Painting a birdhouse with your kid can provide just as many benefits of DIY as building a treehouse!

If your nervous about trying DIY build your confidence by starting with smaller projects and trying new skills that are beginner-friendly. Pour painting, for instance, is a super easy but incredibly fun way to make your own home artwork. Start small, have fun and build from there!


The Benefits of DIY Projects! #Diy #family #doityourself #projects #homedecor #homeimprovement< />
The Benefits of DIY Projects! #Diy #family #doityourself #projects #homedecor #homeimprovement< />



  1. DIY projects are so much fun. I agree that they are great for expanding your knowledge and potentially picking up new skills and crafting hobbies. We have tackled a number of DIY projects in the last year or so and it has me excited to try even more in the future when we move. I still won’t touch electrical or plumping things, those go to professionals, but it’s nice to know that with a little work and a bit of money we can handle those smaller projects ourselves.

    1. Author

      I won’t touch electrical issues either, nor any major plumbing problems – though we did replace the trash compactor and repair some under the sink issues ourselves with no trouble! For sure anything that could be a safety hazard or have the potential to cause massive damage should be left to the pros!

  2. I love DIY projects. My husband has made me a coffee table and kitchen table out of pallets and I love them. Such a great post xxx

    1. Author

      oh my gosh! I have so many ideas for pallets! I just haven’t found a place to source them yet haha! Tables from pallets would be amazing!

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