Bullymake Box, Durable Dog Toys!

Just like kids some dogs play nicely with their toys and some dogs destroy toys faster then you can buy them! Connor is pretty good with toys, he rarely destroys his plush toys and just enjoys carrying them around. Echo on the other hand? She rips out stuffing and tears up rope toys within a day or two of receiving them. This is probably because she’s still a puppy but it means that finding durable toys to keep her occupied can be a bit of a challenge! Enter the Bullymake Box.

Bullymake Box, Durable Dog Toys!

Bullymake box, A dog subscription box for power chewers

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What Is The BullyMake Box?

Bullymake is a monthly dog subscription box made for power chewers. Bullymake was created in 2014 and has a driving passion to make both toy destroyers and their human parents happy! Each box is based on a monthly theme and contains 2-3 highly durable toys (with a 14-day chew proof guarantee) and 3-4 delicious doggy treats. All toys and treats are thoroughly tested so that you be sure they are safe for your furry friends!

Like most subscription boxes, BullyMake offers several plans with discounts for longer subscription purchases. If your dog has allergies then you can even select a toy only option during checkout and receive 4 toys instead of treats.

What Did We Get In Our Box?

Since bringing home Echo we have been on an endless search for suitable chew toys. We knew without a doubt that lacking these toys would mean our furniture, shoes and the kids toys would have to pick up the slack – and no one would have enjoyed that! When I heard about Bullymake I contacted them immediately and was overjoyed when they agreed to send me a box for review and testing! We received the July Box which had a fun patriotic theme! Echo was quick to lay claim to it!

The Toys

The Fife – This is a tough silver nylon chew toy. While Echo was not overly a fan of it at first Connor really loves carrying it around and playing fetch with it! It’s much safer than a stick which can splinter and we have found that it makes an excellent training toy since you can smear a bit of peanut butter on the end and use it to lure puppies into a heel position without having to endlessly lean down. Very Convenient and it’s stood up well to many many rounds of fetch in the yard with not a toothmark in sight! I expect that Echo will show more interest in this toy now that she has started teething in earnest!

The Drum – This is a sturdy rubber interactive toy and is by far the highlight of this box! Echo adores this thing and so do we! Since we can fill it with kibble and treats this is an excellent way to keep her busy and occupied when we are trying to get some chores done or just slow down her meals. Echo is like a vacuum cleaner when it comes to her food but eating so fast really isn’t good for her. Stuffing half her meal into the drum slows her down immensely AND gives her a bit of a mental workout. It’s a win-win for everyone. Connor loves it too – but mostly because we give it to Echo when he’s trying to nap and she’s being extra pesky. I guess this is the Doggy equivalent of a Tablet for the kids haha!

The Treats

Bullymake FreshStix – Both of the dogs seemed to love these breaths freshening dental chews. I used them as the bedtime crate treat for quite a while as they tended to last a touch longer then a smaller treat would have! They had a pretty strong minty like smell which wasn’t bad at all!

Liberty Bell Bites & Firecrackers – The Dogs really loved these and I was happy that they are all-natural! These had a really strong scent which made them great for training. I usually broke them apart to get more tricks per treat because I’m frugal like that and training Echo has been breaking the bank treat wise!

Overall Opinion

Considering how often we have used the drum by itself I think this box is worth it, of course, the toys that are sent every month will vary so who knows if the next one would be as much of a hit! The fife has proven itself very useful as a training aid and safer fetch option so even though my power chewer wasn’t actually interested in chewing on it – I can’t say I’m disappointed in it either! The treats were all a hit and I’m positive my dogs would love more of them!

Overall, if you have a highly destructive chewer who goes through typical storebought toys quickly then I think this box is worth the investment. I know for a fact that we have spent far more than the cost of this box on toys for Echo only for her to wreak them the same day we brought them home. Goodbye supposedly ‘durable’ rope duck…I don’t even want to tell you the fate of the stuffless flying squirrel. That drum, however, has taken a beating and keeps right on going!

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Bullymake Box, a Dog Subscription box for power chewers and toy destroyers! #pets #familypets #dogs #puppy #goodboy< />
Bullymake Box, a Dog Subscription box for power chewers and toy destroyers! #pets #familypets #dogs #puppy #goodboy< />

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