Vogue Parody. 73 Questions About Yours Truly!

Once in a while, I get nominated for fun and unusual posting challenges. Sometimes they fit into my schedule and sometimes they don’t. Once in a while one comes along that sounds like so much fun to do that I fit it in anyways! This is the case with the Vogue Parody blogging challenge that Sarah at InsecureHousewife.com nominated me for.

Normally I would be a bit overwhelmed at the thoughts of answering 73 questions about myself but these seemed like some pretty fun ones and it’s been a while since I posted a whimsical and fun post like this. Besides, I know that I enjoy getting to know the bloggers I follow and maybe you do too! So! Here we go!

Vogue Parody. 73 Questions About Me!

nice hair after using personalized shampoo and conditioner

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What Is Your Favorite Starbucks Order?

I should probably give a Keto based answer here but I’ll be honest – my absolute favorite Starbucks drink has always been a white chocolate mocha with a shot of caramel. Since starting Keto over a year ago Starbucks is a very occasional treat and, I admit, I tend to go off rails and splurge when I get it! Sometimes near Christmas, I’ll go for one of the seasonal Mint flavored drinks. Mint and chocolate combos are my kryptonite.

What Does Your Workstation Look Like Right Now?

My official workstation? It’s currently covered in a bunch of crafting supplies and a complete mess. I actually haven’t used it for a couple of months now. With the kids home from school and having to look after our new puppy Echo it’s been easier to work in the living room.

So my current workstation is a lazy boy and a laptop. Sometimes the couch and the laptop if my husband is home and wants to sit in ‘his’ chair! I’m sure I’ll move back to working from the office once the pup can be trusted a bit more when out of sight!

Keto Soup

All-Time Favorite Food

I have actually always been kind of a huge soup fan. Growing up my favorite family meal was Cabbage soup which is kind of crazy for a kid but there we go! Since we now eat Keto I recently ketofied the old family recipe and still enjoy it, along with several others. But I tend to enjoy pretty much any soup, cream of this..vegetable that. Even Chili counts!

Favorite Author

This is a Toss-up between Patricia Briggs and Kim Harrison. I am fully addicted to the Mercy Thompson universe from Patricia Briggs, including all the offshoots from the main storyline.

I’m still sad that Kim Harrison ended The Hollows series and reread all the books on a regular basis. I love the way she writes and her characterizations but sadly none of her other series have really caught my attention.

Since I read far more series from Patricia Briggs I guess she technically wins my ‘favorite author’ award here!

What Do You Think Of Open Relationships?

I know I couldn’t handle it in my own life. I know that I would end up feeling jealous and left out. sort of like a third wheel and I don’t think that would be fair to me or to other people who would have to deal with it so…defintely, not for me!

However, I fully believe that people should embrace whatever makes them happy and if the open relationship is between parties who all respect one another and the rules they set in place, if everyone is happy and enjoying life then you do you, my friends! I might not understand how you can handle it but I’m not going to judge you for doing it!

Guilty Pleasure Treat?

Cadbury Cream Eggs. When Easter rolls around I’m buying these suckers. I will eat them regardless of my current diet and don’t feel guilty about it at all. Thankfully they only come around once a year!

How Star wars changed my life

Favorite Movie?

The original trilogy for Star Wars. I don’t think I could pick just one! Star Wars has changed and shaped my life in so many ways that no other fandom could ever take this spot. I met my husband thanks to Star Wars and my oldest daughter is named after a friend we also met due to Star Wars!

Favorite Book?

Traitor by Matthew Stover. This novel is a part of the New Jedi Order series from Star Wars. Sadly all of these books are now considered ‘Legends’ and I’m pretty sure they are no longer considered canon by Disney.

While I love Disney I feel like they are doing Star Wars a huge disservice by trashing the detailed and beautiful expanded universe that was created and replacing it. I like the new movies alright (though they are not my favorites) but I am still too bitter to read any of the new books.

Twitter or Instagram?

Both? Neither? This is kind of a hard question! They are both social media but are pretty much opposites! I love Instagram because I love that it’s highly visual and I like photography. I hate Instagram because it’s practically impossible to gain traction on and be seen!

I love twitter because it’s pretty quick to grow and it’s fun to chat on. I hate Twitter because it’s highly restrictive thanks to its character count and it tends to be somewhat argumentative at times.

I like both of them a thousand times more than Facebook!

DeskTop or Laptop?

Have to say laptop here! Since I stopped playing computer games and moved all my gaming to consoles I haven’t had the need for a really high-quality computer! Your typical mainstream laptop does everything I require and I like the ability to pack it up and take it with me when needed – and to work from different parts of the house.

If I were still playing computer games however I expect my answer would be different since Desktops are so much easier to keep upgraded.

Leg Exercises for Runners

Best Advice You Have Ever Received?

To stop stressing over things that are out of my control. Stressing and worrying about a deadline and the fact that I keep putting something off is one thing – that’s my fault and I can do something about it. Stress and worry can be useful if it’s related to something I can work on as they can be pretty good motivators to get things finished even if I don’t really want to do it. But! it’s completely useless to worry and stress over something I have no power over.

I have literally stressed myself sick waiting for someone else to make a decision! It’s been hard-learned and sometimes it’s still a struggle but now I just do my best and then walk away. If I can’t change it or control it I try not to worry about it.

What Project Are You Working On Right Now?

There are always a variety of projects going on around here! As always I am working hard to grow this blog into something can ultimately help support my family. This means I am currently working on a new freebie to grow my email list and I fully intend to buckle down and really put some more effort into Instagram again. I’m afraid I have slacked off there somewhat after getting discouraged due to lack of progress.

We are also working on several home improvement projects and plans in the hopes that we will be able to relocate sometime soon.

Favorite Color?

Purple. Hand’s down, no questions asked! In general, I prefer cooler colors (blues, greens & purples) and I despise bright canary yellow.

Did You Get Good Grades In School?

In Elementary school? No. I was pretty much a c and d student during that period of my life. However in Highschool and beyond I always got straight A’s and Honors. I believe I did better in the less strict atmosphere where you were given assignments and left alone to do them. I have never done well being micromanaged.

Dream Job

I should say blogger but…it’s Horse Trainer. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy writing and blogging but my true lifelong passion has always been working with horses. When I was younger horses were my life and I earned several championships! It cause’s me more pain then I care to admit that I can’t currently have horses in my life but I still hold out hope for the future.

Played Any Sports?

If you’re talking about team sports than…no. However, I was heavily involved in our towns Lacrosse and Hockey leagues as a timekeeper and later as a manager of the timekeepers.

I spent a great deal of time completing in Equine sports, dabbled a touch in Dog Agility when I was younger and currently enjoy Running and Hiking!

Do You Have a Degree?

Nope. I never went to college. I took a year off after Highschool because I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do with my life and then I got married, moved and life happened! It’s all good though, I don’t really regret not putting myself into massive debt and I’ve got along just fine without it!


Born Canadian!

What Is Your Favorite Type of Blog Post To Do?

I would have to say Learn Something New and Dollar Store Crafts! Both of these posts make me think outside the box and try new things. Keeping my creative muscles strong really makes a difference in my motivation and ability to write. Plus they are really good excuses for buying art supplies!

What Do You Like To Collect?

Currently, I don’t really collect anything! Except for perhaps the clay pots my kids make at school every year and bring home. I adore those and look forward to adding new ones every year!

During Christmas, I always try to buy a new Reindeer themed decoration or two and when I was younger I loved to collect glass wolves and horses! If I had a giant house and a lot of money I expect I would collect Star Wars memorabilia and Breyer horses though! Storing such things just isn’t really practical in our current lives.

Describe Yourself In Three Words

Loyal, Wary, Hopeful.

If You Were A Rapper What Would Your Rapper Name Be?

According to a ‘Find Your Rapper Name’ sheet on google it would be ‘Bubble Nasty’ or ‘Ice Cent’. both of those are terrible but I would never be a rapper anyway so it’s a moot point!

Who Is the Last Person You DM’d?

No one? I rarely DM people. Typically I just comment on their post/picture or tweet directly!

What Is On The Top Of Your Wishlist Right Now?

The most recent novel by Patricia Briggs – Storm Cursed! Also, a New Passion Planner for 2020, the forest green one they just opened for preorder is so lovely!

5 ways to use your perfect picture

Sorting House?

Time to google again! I enjoyed Harry Potter but I never tried to figure out my sorting house! According to this googled test, these are my results!

You Are 35% Hufflepuff, 30% Gryffindor, 29% Ravenclaw, and 6% Slytherin!

You’re undeniably a Hufflepuff, but you definitely have some strong Gryffindor qualities. You proudly wear your heart on your sleeve, but you lack the recklessness of a true Gryffindor, which means that you don’t act on your feelings without thinking. Your kindness and openness are what originally attracts other people to you, but they stay for your unwavering loyalty, meaning you’re constantly surrounded by a large group of friends.

Your slight compatibility with Ravenclaw house hints at an appreciation for knowledge and wisdom, though they are not priorities for you.

How Many Tattoos Do You Have?

None! But, it’s less because I would never get one and more because I have no idea what to get! My husband and I have talked about it a few times but we’ve never been able to settle on a design!

What Are You Most Grateful For This Year?

Probably for good friends! Like most years this one has had its ups and downs! We have had some amazing adventures thanks to good friends and we have gotten through some tough times also thanks to good friends!

Two people running in the woods

What’s The Best Thing That Has Happened To You This Month?

Well, August just started and I don’t think it’s fair to judge it based on only a few days so I’ll pick July and for that month I’d have to say our family trip to Miami!

What’s The Best Thing That Happened To You Today?

Good.Coffee. Every day should start out with good coffee! The day is just starting though so I still have hopes for something better!

What’s The Best Thing Ever?

Hot Chocolate while watching it snow. Or a Bubble bath with a good book. Or a ride in the woods on a good horse.

Dollar Store Fall Craft - Autumn in a bottle

Favorite Season?

Fall! Although I love the aesthetics of winter and enjoy the holiday seasons being able to go outside without sweating to death or being eaten alive by bugs makes Fall my favorite!

Favorite Fictional Animal?

Pegasus. It’s not really surprising given my love of horses but I bet you thought I would say Unicorn! I love those too!

What Fictional Character Do You Relate To The Most?

I have no idea honestly! I tend to read sci-fi and fantasy where characters go on big adventures and have a lot of bold character traits and I don’t really fit any of those haha! Probably a mother in one of those family sitcoms where they are just trying to muddle through life and everything keeps going slightly wrong!

Do You Like Surprises?

Fun surprises? Sure! I love surprise gifts, treats, and fun activities. Surprise changes to plans? Nope. Not at all! I really struggle when we have a day planned out and then it changes last minute. I don’t necessarily mind the changes so much as getting annoyed that my preparations go out the window!

What’s The Biggest Surprise You’ve Ever Had?

When my husband asked me to marry him. I mean we had talked about it and I knew it would happen someday but I wasn’t expecting it that night.

running after peroneal tendonitis resting after my first run after recovery

What Surprise Made You Cry?

When my husband arranged for me to go horseback riding on my 30th birthday! See above for how special horses to me have been throughout my life and this was the first time I had been around them again since I moving to the South.

What’s The Best Surprise You Have Ever Given Anyone?

Honestly? I have no idea! Probably a Christmas gift, I try really hard to find special items for Christmas!

Do You Like Muffins?

Of course! But I no longer eat them because…Keto.

Do You Cook Often?

Every day! On the weekend it’s multiple times a day! That’s just a part of having a family I think and I don’t really mind it. I generally like trying new recipes and I definitely like saving money by cooking at home rather than eating out!

What’s Your Favorite Dessert?

Anything with Strawberries! Strawberry Shortcake, Stuffed strawberries…if it has strawberries in it I’ll eat it! Honestly I sometimes just like strawberries by themselves!

Is There a Dessert You Don’t Like?

Flan is probably my least favorite dessert. I mean it’s not bad per se – but it’s definitely not something I would go out of my way to order or buy.

Cake Or Pie

Pie, specifically apple pie. Though I rarely eat either anymore unless it a birthday or special occasion!

What Is Your Least Favorite Food?

Have to say I’m not really a fan of anything hot or spicy.

What Is Your Favorite Condiment

It used to be sweet relish but now it’s mayo! Sweet relish is still delicious but it has quite a few carbs. I could probably make my own somehow with pickles and keto-friendly sweetener but that seems like it would take more time then it’s worth for a condiment!

It’s 4 AM on a Saturday Night, What Would You Eat?

Coffee. If I’m up at 4 AM it’s probably important and I need to stay awake.

If You Could Teach A College Class What Would It Be Called?

The Importance of Creativity and How the Culling of Arts in Education is a Failure of Our Society.

Best Animated Film?

The Lion King or Spirit: Stallion of the Cimmeron.

What Has a Guy (Or Girl) Done Or Said To Impress You?

Been kind despite being in a situation where it would have been easy to walk away or been cruel.

The Best Thing To Do On A Date?

In the beginning? I’ve always been a fan of your typical dates – movies, dinners…dates that takes place in nice, happy, public areas. These are the types of dates I highly prefer my daughter goes on when she inevitably comes of age to do so. Safeish dates!

But now? If my husband and I do a ‘Date’ we typically go running or take the Dogs for a Hike. Or just laze about at home watching movies!

The Worst Thing To Do On a Date?

Attend a family gathering? Don’t get me wrong I like family events just fine but the thought of being taken to one while still in a new relationship seems somewhat anxiety-inducing.

What’s The Funniest Pick-up Line A Guy/Girl Could Use?

Do people even use pick-up lines anymore? According to my Instagram and Twitter DM’s it’s ‘Hey girl, you look hot’. I have no idea honestly I’ve been married for many years and even before marriage I wasn’t big on the dating scene. Like at all.

Best Comic Book Character?

Elsa Bloodstone. She’s a crazy monster hunter who loves tea. What’s not to love?

What Are Three Things That Are Always In Your Purse?

Asthma Inhaler, house key, and my phone! My purse is fairly small so I try to keep it to essentials only since it inevitably gets bogged down by receipts and other bits every few trips.

Favorite Drink?

Root Beer. Now Diet Root Beer. Though I recently tried Iron Beer while in Miami and I have to say…it’s giving Root Beer a run for its money!

If You Could Play A Historical Character, Who Would It Be?

Ha! none of them! Have you read the lives of most ‘historical characters’? They are typically historical because they lived through some horrific event or earned their place in the books by fighting some other horrific person. Hard pass! If I have to play a character I’d rather play a fictional one.

Kitten Or Puppies?

Either! I love both Dogs and Cats and pretty much any baby animal has my heart.

Favorite Sushi Roll?

None! I’ve never tried sushi! I can’t bring myself to eat raw fish and the non-raw ones always smelled really vinegary..plus now I’m keto and no longer eat rice and I’m completely good with never trying it!

What Kind Of Lipstick Do You Use?

I don’t have a particular type really, I wear gloss, mattes, whatever! I really prefer the liquid types you put on with a brush however, they are much easier for me than the typical stick style application!

What Kind Of Foundation Do You Use?

Whatever kind I can find the right shade of! Seriously that tends to be the hardest battle for me. I highly prefer the sports formula’s however as living in the south tend to mean my make-up melts off when it’s hot out and the sweat-resistant types hold up far better.

changes to my hair after using personalized shampoo and conditioners

Blow Dry or Air Dry?

Air dry, I only use my hairdryer in the winter when I don’t want to go outside with wet hair.

Who Is Your Fashion Icon?

I don’t really have one! I honestly don’t follow the fashion world, nor do I follow many celebrities so my fashion pretty much revolves around whatever I like personally! At best I can usually figure out what the current ‘in’ colors are because of what all the stores are stocking.

Favorite Disney Character

Simba because I adore the Lion King, maybe Elsa because I have an undying love for Ice element characters.

What Are You Doing Tomorrow?

According to my planner…blog work, website work, housework…hopefully walking the dogs and going for a run. Oh, and making the grocery list. Nothing too exciting! Anything fun tends to happen during the weekends around here!

Movie You Laughed the Hardest Through?

Not sure really! It’s been a while since I watched a Comedy.

If You Could Sing a Duet With Someone Who Would It Be?

You don’t want to hear me sing. But if I had to pick, probably Taylor Swift or Pink..but only so that certain members of my family could meet them as they love them.

If Your Life Was A Song What Would It Be?

There are many songs that have sentimental attachments to very particular times in my life but if I had to pick one song that fit my life as a whole? Probably Home by Phillip Phillips.

Favorite Animal?

Horses and Wolves. Horses have always been my passion but I also love wolves! Probably one of the greatest things I remember from my teenage years was taking part in a ‘Wolf Weekend’ at the Haliburton Wolf Center in northern Ontario with my mom.

The Person You Would Want To Have Coffee With?

Probably Kim Harrison…I’m sure I could convince her to write more Hollows books over great coffee!

Favorite Illustrator?

I don’t know if I have one? I don’t really follow any illustrators! However, I do love the work of Sarah Olsen whom I met a long time ago on an online forum. Her work is fabulous!

What’s The Country You Wish To Visit

Honestly, I think there are enough beautiful things to visit in the United States and Canada that I’ll just stick to them for a little while. Perhaps someday I’d like to visit England or Greece to see some of the historical ruins.

Best Way To Decompress?

A good book or a run with Connor!

Running with Dogs Header A Golden Retriever and a pair of running shoes

As far as nominations go? Consider this your open nomination if you haven’t done this yet but want too!

Getting to Know  Bloggers! Vogue Parody, 73 Questions abut yours truly! #blog #blogging #blogger #aboutme #thisisme #bloglife #bloggerlife< />
Getting to Know  Bloggers! Vogue Parody, 73 Questions abut yours truly! #blog #blogging #blogger #aboutme #thisisme #bloglife #bloggerlife< />

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