Why should I care about Environment Day?

World Environment Day occurs on the 5th of June every year. Started in 1974 World Environment Day (WED) is an annual campaign to raise awareness about emerging environmental issues. World Environment day has participation from 143 countries worldwide and a new theme every year that companies, celebrities, and countries adopt to raise awareness for. The theme for 2017 is ‘Connecting People to Nature – in the city and on the land, from the poles to the equator’.

Why should I care about Environment Day?

The big question in today’s society however is, why should I care? Everywhere we look there are opposing viewpoints when it comes to the science surrounding environmental issues and many people feel that there are more important issues that we should be focusing on. We can all agree that our world can be troubling. We can all agree that as unique people with unique ideas all of us place different values on different problems. Despite all our differences, however, I think we can all accept the very basic fact that the earth is our home. Whether you believe that the Earth was created for us to live on by divine means or galactic happenstance honestly doesn’t really matter when it comes to taking care of it. We live here and at this point in time – we can’t really live anywhere else.

Like the cities, neighborhoods, and houses we all call home none of us would be better off if the earth crumbled into disrepair around us. Taking care of our home is a responsibility that we have no matter what our viewpoints are. That is why you should care about Environment Day. That is why we should all care. If we focus on what we can agree on rather than our differences then we can achieve great and wonderful things.

There are many simple things a family can do to help keep our world healthy.

Environment Day Activities

Hug a tree this environment day

Plant a Tree

You will benefit from the shade and the local wildlife will gain a home. For just $10 dollars you can join the Arbor Day Foundation and get 10 trees for your yard or have 10 trees planted in the rainforest or a national park.

Build a Compost Bin

Any family can do this simple DIY Project. If you love gardening this will certainly make yours flourish. If your not much of a DIYer there are many affordable options on Amazon.

Find a Recycling Center

Locate a local recycling center and contact them about what they accept. You might be surprised. Those old batteries in the garage? Those can be money in your pocket. That old soda can you throw away – cash in your hand.  Enlist your kids to help, get them to clean up the yard or local park and take them out to ice cream with the money they earn.

Donate to Charity

Even if you’re not all that concerned with the environment donating your gently used items to a charity is good for everyone. You are helping people in need and keeping items from filling up the landfills needlessly.

Teach your Children to respect Nature

Take your kids to a nature preserve. Instilling a love of nature and a healthy respect for our wild places is good for everyone. Spending time in nature has proven to be stress relieving, something we all need in today’s world and State parks are cheap family entertainment for those on a budget.

Go to a Farmers Market

Supporting local farmers is good for your community and the environment. You be eating healthy seasonal produce and saving money as well! Your local produce is cheaper and healthier than fruit and vegetables which have to be shipped to grocery stores.

Even one or two of these simple steps can go a long way towards keeping our home healthy and vibrant. Of course, you can also donate to environmental charities and join in community cleanups and beautification events. We must stop arguing about our differences of opinion and start working together for our common good. Our World is a beautiful place and we need to keep it that way.

If your looking for more simple ideas for environment day you might be interested in our Earth Day Activity



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