DIY Easter Craft, The Cutest Bunny you’ll ever see!

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Decorating for Easter can be so much fun! Between the sweet pastel colors and abundance of cute animals, Easter makes my crafting heart sing. Crafting my own seasonal and holiday home decor has become an activity I really look forward too. Not only does this activity allow me to nurture and expand my creative muscles but it lets me bring seasonal joy to my home without costing my family a fortune. This DIY Easter craft is no exception! Created entirely by materials from the Dollar store and a glue gun this is a project that anyone can try!

DIY Easter Craft, The Cutest Bunny you’ll ever see!

DIY Easter Craft a bunny from jars

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DIY Easter Craft – Supplies

DIY Easter Craft - Supplies

From the Dollar Store

  • 2 Glass Vases – one with a flared neck and a longer body and one bowl-shaped.
  • 2-3 Feather Boas – Often found in the toy section! (Could be substituted for cotton balls)
  • 1 Pack Multicolored pompoms
  • Bunny Ear Headband
  • 1 Pack of Googly Eyes
  • 2 Fake Fur Crafting Stems
  • 1 Plastic Pot Tray – to seal the bottom of 1 vase (Could be substituted by white poster or foam board)
  • 1 Bath poof 
  • Peel and Stick Glitter Paper

Total Cost – Approx $12

From Home

  • Scissors
  • Glue Gun
  • Glue Sticks

DIY Easter Craft – Directions

  • DIY Easter Craft - Creating the Body

    Cut and measure the plastic seal to keeo your filler inside.

  • Filling the long-necked vase with white filler.

  • Use Glue gun and your plastic seal to hold your filler in.

Step 1 – Creating the Bunny’s Body

The flare necked, long-bodied vase will become your bunny’s body.  This vase will ultimately be turned upside down and the opening must be sealed in order to keep the filling inside. Measure and cut your plastic pot try (or other chosen material) so that it is the proper size to cover the vase opening.

Briefly set your vase covering aside and use the feather boas to fill the vase. If your store does not have feather boas then you might use cotton balls or any other white material you can find. Even scarves/dish towels or shirts could work! Once your filling is in place use your glue gun to

  • DIY Easter Craft - Creating the Head

    Turn body vase upside down and set aside.Fill the round glass bowl with filler.

  • Use a glue gun to attach the filled round bowl to the bottom of the long vase.

  • Cut a section of fake fur stem to be the hair.

  • Attach the hair using a glue gun.

  • Glue the ears overtop of the bunny's hair.

Step 2 – Creating the Bunny’s Head

Set the long vase upside down beside you. Use your remaining feather boa or filling to fill the bowl-shaped vase. Make sure to press down the filling so that it doesn’t stick out over the sides. Using your glue gun run a length of glue over the rim of the glass bowl and then secure it over the bottom of the long bodies vase. You must move pretty quickly on this step since hot glue dries swiftly!

Attempt to secure the glass bowl as straight as possible but if it ends up on a little slant then that’s alright too! It will just add character to your bunny! In order to hide the flat top of your bunny’s head, you will use a portion of one of the fake fur crafting stems. The crafting stems come in a variety of beautiful pastel or bright colors so pick the one you like best! Bend the crafting stem into a zig-zag pattern until the ends pinched together are enough to fluff out and cover the top like a bit of fluffy fur. Cut it from the remainder of the stem and then secure it to the top of your glass bowl with the glue gun.

With the hair attached its time to add the ears! If your headband fits securely over your glass bowl and fur hair then it can be glued into place without any alterations. If the headband is too big or too small (this depends entirely on the size of your vases) then you can always cut the ears free from the band and glue them on separately. The fake fur hair should hide the glue points.

  • DIY Easter Craft - Adding Details

    Use the remaing fake fur to make a fluffy chest piece fr your bunny and hide the glue points

  • Use pompoms and googly eyes to create a face.

Step 3 – Start Adding Details

Using the remainder of your fake fur stems create a fur ruff for your bunny to hide the glue points where you attached the two vases. You can glue this into place or just twist it together like a twist tie. If you don’t like the fluffy fur chest look then you could also hide this point with a ribbon bow or a collar of flowers. I highly encourage you to make this bunny your own and customize it to fit your own style and decor!

Use two eyes from your googly eye packet and a pompom to give your bunny a bit of a face. the googly eyes available at my dollar store came in a variety of colors so pick an eye and nose color that suits you! Attach them both with a dab of glue from your glue gun.

  • DIY Easter Craft - Feet and Tail

    Use glitter paper and it's packaging to create feet..

  • Use Fake fur to hide the feet glue point and add a tail to your bunny using a bath poof!

Step 4 – Add Feet and a Tail

In order to give your bunny some feet, you will be using the peel and stick glitter paper. The glitter paper is quite thin but the package comes with a stiffer section of white cardboard. Cut a wide heart shape from the cardboard so that it looks like two paws sticking out from the bottom of your vase. Once you have the shape right use it to trace the shape onto your glitter paper. Cut out the traced section and attach it to the cardboard. Use your glue gun to attach the feet to the bottom of your vase.  To cover the glue point you can use a bit more fluff from your fake fur.

To make the tail I used a small bath poof. While my store had plenty of larger poofs out by themselves I found the smaller white ones in a small traveling kit. If you can’t find anything suitable then you can also use a cotton ball or even wind up a bit of extra fluff from the fake fur crafting stems and use that. There are plenty of options with a little bit of creativity!

Step 5 – Add the Last Details

Your bunny is almost finished! Now is the time to add any further details you might like! I used the pink tinted glitter paper and the remainder of the white glitter paper to add a cute mouth and some arms to my bunny. What you choose to add is completely up to you! Some great options might be a flower crown or paws holding an Easter egg or carrot! Adding paws could be easily done by using the arms of a white plushie! If this sounds interesting to you here’s a fun Dollar Store Tip! If you can’t find a suitable plushie in the toy or holiday section of the store you might try the pet section! Dog and cat toys often have really cute details like this and are often easy to cut apart!

DIY Easter Craft

Let me know if you give this DIY Easter Craft a try!

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DIY Easter Craft - Glass Bunny! #Easter #easterdecor #easterdiy #eastercraft #crafting #Dollarstorecraft #dollartree #spring #springdiy< />


  1. Ahh I always love your crafty posts!! You make such adorable, fun and funky things that I never would’ve thought of. We used to do fun things like this all the time when we were young and my young cousins sit on iPads now so I’m so tempted to invite them over and make some of these soon!! I think they’d absolutely love them!
    Alice Xx

    1. Author

      This would be a great project to do with them! It’s really simple and easy to customize so everyone can make it their very own!

  2. This is so cute! (Also feeling a black cat version for Halloween…)
    What a fun idea!

  3. I knew you would make something awesome for Easter! This bunny is adorable and you have done a fantastic job! I’m loving the cute pink hair 🙂 It looks like a really fun craft project and very creative too! Thanks for sharing Kristin <3 xx

    Bexa |

    1. Author

      Aww, thank you Bexa! It was really fun to make and he looks super cute on my coffee table!

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