Keto Chocolate Candies, Treats You’ll Love!

Keto Chocolate Candies

Like most people, I enjoy a treat now and then! This is especially true during special times of the year. Whether is a seasonal holiday such as Christmas, Easter or Valentines Day or a celebration like a birthday or an anniversary some days require dessert! Thankfully, Keto is a way of eating that has so many possibilities when it comes to desserts that it can be hard to pick which one I want to make. In fact, part of the reason I have been so successful on Keto is due to the ability to substitute old favorites with healthier but just as delicious options. These Keto chocolate candies are no exception to this and also happen to be delicious treats I just know you will love!

Keto Chocolate Candies, Treats You’ll Love!

Keto Chocolate Candies

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Keto Chocolate Candies – Ingredients

Ingredients – Strawberry Filling

Ingredients – Coconut Filling

Ingredients – Chocolate Shells

  • 1/2 Bar 100% Cocoa
  • 1/2 Tbsp Coconut Oil
  • Swerve Confectioners or sweetener of choice (added to taste)
  • 1/2 Tbsp Heavy Whipping Cream

Other Materials Needed

  • Silicone Candy Mold – Although I have both I have found the rounded ones are easier to work with.
  • Clean food friendly paintbrush

Keto Chocolate Candies

Keto Chocolate Candies – Directions

  1. Chop your Cocoa into smaller pieces to make it easier to melt. Add the chopped chocolate, coconut oil, and heavy whipping cream to a small pot and melt using the double boiler method at medium to low heat. Stir frequently until the mixture is smooth and all the chocolate is completely melted.
  2. Add your sweetener of choice a little bit at a time until it has been sweetened to your tastes. If you want flavored chocolate now is a good time to add any extracts.
  3. Use a clean food friendly paintbrush to spread a layer of chocolate over the bottom and sides of your molds. Make sure the mold is completely covered.
  4. Set the mold in the fridge to harden while you continue with the next steps.
  5. Keep the remainder of the chocolate warmed by turning down the heat slightly and stirring every once in a while.
  6. Create your strawberry filling by chopping and crushing your strawberries then stirring them in with the swerve confectioners. Set this aside in the fridge where it will thicken slightly.
  7. Create your coconut filling in a medium-sized bowl. Mix together your unsweetened coconut and heavy whipping cream. Add the heavy whipping cream one tablespoon at a time until the coconut is well moistened. Add coconut flour, vanilla extract, and sweeteners, mix and set aside.
  8. Check your chocolate molds to see if it has set sufficiently. Let it continue to chill until the chocolate has hardened. If the molds are ready remove them from the fridge.
  9. Add a small amount of strawberry filling to your molds. Top with the coconut filling. The coconut filling will be messy and you may have to press it down as you go. Fill the molds until they are nearly full.
  10. Use the remainder of your melted chocolate to fill the remainder of the molds and then return them to the fridge to continue hardening.
  11. Let your candies set for at least an hour before trying to remove them from the molds. A few may break but the remains are delicious anyway!
  12. Serve and enjoy or store them in a container in the fridge to eat later.

Keto Chocolate Candies

What’s your favorite Keto treat?

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Keto Chocolate Candies! Simple and Delicious! #Keto #Ketogenic #Ketorecipes #Ketodesserts #ketodiet #ketotreat #LCHF #lowcard #candyrecipe #treats< />


  1. These look delicious. I am sure you could do different fillings with different fruits as well to give them all sorts of various flavors.

  2. Ooo these look delicious! Definitely something I would love to make for a sweet treat. I love the designs you got from the moulds, adds an extra special touch to them.
    Thanks for sharing!

    Aimsy xoxo

    1. Author

      They were very delicious! My only complaint was that I didn’t make enough and they all got eaten too quickly haha

    1. Author

      So true! Though to be fair not much doesn’t go well with strawberries in general haha!

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