DIY Halloween Potion Jars. Spooky & Fun Decor!

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It’s the little items that always make holiday decorations really stand out! Halloween is no exception to this and while I love my larger pieces, like our spider vase and glow in the dark wreath I can’t help but adore these hidden fun editions. These DIY Halloween potion jars are just squicky enough to make the kids giggle and spooky enough to fit in with our skeleton birdcage!

This is a simple craft with supplies that come mostly from the Dollar Tree. Although it does use a glue gun I think this is a suitable craft for children with a little bit of help!

DIY Halloween Potion Jars

DIY Potion Jars

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Separate the bat stickers from your wooden sticker sheet and remove the small sticky disk from the back. The sticky disks peel off very easily and won’t be needed for this craft. If you have had trouble finding these wooden stickers then some small plastic skulls or even wooden beads would also make nice jar toppers!

Remove the lids from your plastic jars & select some wooden disks or another sort of tag! Paint your jar toppers and lids black. It might take more than one coat which is why I suggest this step first even though I did not! Paint some labels for your jars while you’re doing this, though, if you dislike painting words a sharpie will also work!

While your painted parts are drying out use strong scissors to separate the bones of skeletons. Mine came apart quite easily at the joints. Depending on the size of your jar you may need several of the skeletons I used 2 for mine!

Fill the jar with layers of fake moss and “fairy bones” until you’re satisfied with the look. You might have to rearrange the bones a little bit to make your jar look like packed bones.

Fill a second jar with a mixture of 1/3 vegetable oil and the rest water. Add a few drops of green food coloring and mix until you like the color! Add a bit of pulled apart cotton balls and your package of sticky eyes. The eyes will want to float all at the top so you will have to use a knife or pencil to poke them down so that the pulled apart cotton will help keep some of them from floating upwards.

Your third jar is very simple! In a separate cup mix together solutions of water and the colors you want to use for your Unicorn blood. My children were convinced that unicorn blood should be purple so ours is just one color! Fill your jar 1/3 full of the colored solution, a sprinkle of glitter and add cotton until it seems like you can’t pack in anymore!



If you’re doing more then one color then now is the time to add your second colored solution and then more cotton. Continue with these steps until your jar is full!

If your lids and toppers are dried and don’t need a second coat of paint then use your hot glue gun to attach the toppers to the center of each lid. Attach the lids to your jars and then use jute string to attach your wooden disk labels!

Set them out and enjoy them!

DIY Halloween Potion Jars! Simple & FunDecor! #Halloween #halloweencraft #halloweenfun #halloweendecor #fall #spooky #spookydecor #family #kids #Holiday< />
DIY Halloween Potion Jars! Simple & FunDecor! #Halloween #halloweencraft #halloweenfun #halloweendecor #fall #spooky #spookydecor #family #kids #Holiday< />


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