Glow in the Dark Halloween Wreath from the Dollar Store

glow in the dark Halloween wreath from the DollarTree

When it comes time to decorate for the holiday’s nothing it more exciting and fun than making them yourself! Not only do I get to be creative and spend an afternoon playing around with art supplies but its generally cheaper in the long run too. Especially if you scavenge your local dollar store for materials and ideas. If you have spent any time on this blog then I’m sure you already know how much I adore the Dollar tree when it comes to crafting and today’s glow in the dark Halloween wreath is no exception!

With Halloween right around the corner its the perfect time to stock up on spooky, creepy and glowy supplies to make your house spooktacular. I was so excited when I walked into the Dollar Tree and found an entire section devoted to Halloween! Even if you don’t want to be crafty but are just looking for some really cute decorations I highly encourage you to check them out! They have some really cute and neat pre-made decorations available as well and for $1 each, you really can’t go wrong.

Glow in the Dark Halloween Wreath

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When it comes to Halloween I admit that I am a huge sucker for glow in the dark things. Creepy candlelit decor and glowsticks? Right up my Halloween loving alley! This craft is very simple to make – even easier then the wreath we did earlier in the year to celebrate spring.  It takes very few supplies and you should be able to whip it up in no time at all!

Don’t be afraid to make it your own either! The Dollar Tree has quite a few options when it comes to decorations that would work for this. Perhaps you prefer a mummy to spiders, or a witches hat or a black cat! Make one just like this or just use it for inspiration. The most important thing about these crafts is that you have fun doing them!

Glow in the Dark Halloween Wreath Supplies

glow in the dark Halloween wreath supplies

Total Cost – $7

Glow in the Dark Halloween Wreath Directions

This craft was very simple to make. Some of the steps might need to be altered slightly if you are creating your own design but for the most part, they should remain pretty close!

Start with some lights!

glow in the dark Halloween Wreath step one adding the LED string lights

Put some batteries in your LED tubing and start by wrapping one strand of your glow in the dark tubing around your wreath frame. It’s easiest to start at the bottom of the frame and work up. Try to space it out fairly evenly and make it so that your battery back will end up at the bottom. I wrapped my tubing through the two inner wires of the wreath frame so that I could get more loops,  but if you want to wrap it around the entire thing then that should work too. Use a bit of black cord to secure both your battery pack and the starting point of your LED tubing to the wire frame.

Add some Cloth

glow in the dark Halloween Wreath step 3 adding the cloth

Now its time to hide your first set of tubing using the creepy cloth! Tie one end of the cloth around the bottom of your wreath frame. You can leave a little tail hanging down if you want for a bit of extra spookiness! Unlike our spring wreath which required some twisting and pulling this wreath is simple! Simply wrap your creepy cloth loosely around the frame so that it covers up the wires from your tubing. The creepy cloth is quite see-through so plenty of lights should show through!

glow in the dar Halloween Wreath step 2 adding the cloth

When you reach the end of one cloth simply tie it to the frame and start again with the second one. Two pieces of creepy cloth were more than enough to cover my entire wreath. In fact, I had enough left over to leave an extra long creepy tail at the bottom of my spider wreath – which also conveniently hid the battery pack switch for the lights.


glow in the dark wreath step 5 adding the decorations

With your wireframe all covered up its time to add your decoration piece. I picked a spider and web. I like purple, it was glittery and it fit pretty much perfectly over the wreath frame so it was a no-brainer choice for me! However, I also saw some really cute cat faces and mummies if you want something a bit less spidery!

Exactly how you attach your decoration will depend largely on what you pick. However, since the creepy cloth is so light and porous its very simple to just push some black cording through it and tie things to the frame. You can then turn your cord so that the knots and extra bits are hidden in the back of your wreath.

More Lights!

glow in the dark halloween wreath step 6 add more lights

Since I wanted my spider to show up in the dark I turned my wreath over and used the second string of LED tubing to weave in and out of the spider’s web. I used some more black cord to attach the starting point and tucked the battery pack into one of the creepy cloth loops.

The lights are very simple to turn off and on simply by pushing the cloth aside. I left mine on for several hours just to make sure it didn’t generate any heat with no problems! Like Christmas tree lights you should of course always inspect your lights to make sure they are undamaged and working properly and only turn them on when you are there to keep an eye on them!

Display your Glow in the Dark Halloween Wreath on your front door (or in a window) and give your trick or treaters something to notice!

glow in the dark wreath night and day comparison picture

Let me know how you decorate for Halloween in the comments below!

Glow in the Dark Halloween Wreath made from the DollarTree ! #crafts #Halloween #Halloweendecor #HalloweenDecorations #Crafting #Dollarstore #dollartree< />
Glow in the Dark Halloween Wreath made from the DollarTree ! #crafts #Halloween #Halloweendecor #HalloweenDecorations #Crafting #Dollarstore #dollartree< />


  1. Love this wreath – minus the spider because eww spiders! I might have to make something similar, since we have almost no Halloween decorations.

    1. Author

      Haha, I don’t like spiders in real life but this one was glittery and purple and I can deal with the fake plastic ones on Halloween, I prefer the spooky critters to the gore and zombie type decorations for the most part.

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