Dollar Store Halloween Vase, spooky flowers and spiders!

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But Kristin! You have already done a Dollar Store craft post this month! I know..but it’s the month of Halloween! It’s my favorite holiday! One craft is not enough! You can probably expect more than one for Christmas too. Just think of it as a bit of extra fun. Plus, the Dollar Tree this year had so many great Halloween items that you’re all probably lucky I didn’t do an entire month of Halloween crafts. If it wasn’t for my self-imposed Dollar Store budget while shopping I probably would have. The entire house would end up a Halloween wonderland. For the sake of my husband’s sanity, however, we will limit ourselves to the new Spider Wreath and today’s dollar store Halloween vase.

As usual, this craft is super simple. In fact, the hardest thing about it is keeping the kids from stealing the little spider rings.  I love coming up with these simple crafts for all of you out there who don’t believe in your artistic abilities! It’s there trust me … If I can make these things then you can too!

Dollar Store Halloween Vase

supplies needed for a halloween dollar store vase

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Dollar Store Halloween Vase – Supplies

Optional Extra Creepy Factor

Note – You could also sub these for googly eyes as we used in our Monster Desk Organizer if you wanted something less creepy. Or even some light up tubing like we used in our Halloween wreath!

Dollar Store Halloween Vase – Directions

creepy eyes for halloween dollar store vase

Create Creepy Eyes (if you opt in for them)

If you are planning to make your own creepy eyes and add them to your vase then I suggest starting with those first.  To make them I simply painted various white circles and ovals on some black glass beads and then colored in a slit pupil with a sharpie. Much like the problem I had making the Fall In a Bottle craft, the poster paint available at the Dollar store is not thick or opaque enough to work – but Whiteout (or even white nail polish) works just fine! Bonus – it dries really fast! If you are having trouble making your circles neat with the whiteout brush then just grab a small paint brush and use that. They typically have better tips which give you a better outline. A whiteout pen would also be very useful if you can find one of those.

Start Filling your Vase with Spider Webbing

creating a halloween dollar store vase, adding the spider web filling

Set the little spider rings that come with the webbing material aside for now.

This is where a wide-mouthed vase comes in handy. Although you could push your webbing around with a pencil if your hand doesn’t fit, it’s much easier if it does! Just start layering your webbing around the outside edge of your vase. The spider webbing material is very fluffy and pulls apart easily so fluff, pull and push it around until you like the way it looks. Every so often set one of your creepy eyes in the fluff so that it’s looking out through the glass. Be gentle when placing them as pushing them around too much will make them want to fall to the bottom or flip over on you!

dollar store halloween vase with a hollow center for putting in your flowers

Try to keep the center of your vase somewhat clear of webbing as you will be placing your flowers there. Don’t worry if the webbing fills it in a little bit you can always use the flower stems to push it aside and hollow out a hole later on.

dollar store halloween vase with webbing pulled over lip

Continue to layer your spider webbing and creepy eyes until you reach the top of your vase. Once you reach the top pull some of the webbing out and over the lip of your vase. Bring out a pretty good section of it. It’s better to have a bit too much (you can always trim it!) then not enough!

dollar store halloween vase with flowers

Add Your Flowers

Hopefully, you managed to keep the center of your vase somewhat hollowed out and placing our flowers is just a matter of arranging them in the manner you like and shoving them in! If you need to use the flower stems to gently push the webbing aside. Go slowly as moving the webbing to quickly can cause your creepy eyes to shift around on you.

If some of them do fall or flip around you can carefully reach down and try to right them with your fingers or a pencil.

I picked some really creepy roses with eyes in the middle of them. My kids think these are hilarious and they were the inspiration of the creepy eye additions to the vase filling.

Arrange your outer spider webbing & baby spiders

dollar store halloween vase with webbing in flowers

This step is best done in the location your vase will actually sit. Drag the extra webbing you left out the top of your vase and arrange it to look like a spider’s web. the webbing material is fairly easy to catch on corners or other little decorations. It doesn’t take much to get it to stay put but a bit of tape underneath works well if your chosen table is very smooth and you have no other anchor points.

For a bit of added fun feel free to pull a bit of the webbing up into the flowers as well!  Once your webbing is artfully designed the way you like, add your creepy baby spiders to the mix. Make them look like they are crawling all over your arrangement! For some added fun purchase a big mommy spider and settle her at the bottom of the vase under or peeking through your webbing.

dollar store halloween vase

What’s your Favorite Halloween Decoration?

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Spooky Dollar Store Halloween Vase! #Halloween #Vase #Halloweendecor #holidaydecor #spookyDecor #fall #holidays #dollarstore #dollartree< />




  1. Every time I read one of your craft posts, I always wish there was a Dollar Store in the UK, I’m not sure if our Pound World has the same kinda creative things! I’m loving your Halloween vase (even though I’m petrified of spiders but I’ll ignore them, ha ha). The creepy eyes are such a fun extra touch. This would be perfect for the centre of the table at a Halloween party, great job Kristin! I also can’t wait to see what creative projects you come up with at Christmas! <3 xx

    Bexa |

    1. Author

      I am betting they have some things! It’s definitely worth checking out to see! If nothing else I bet you can find some fun blog props there. I admit to not being fond of real-life spiders either but I suppose that’s part of the spooky Halloween draw of them for me. Slightly scary but I know their fake and they don’t really look super realistic so I can deal haha. For Christmas, you can probably expect a few deer. Reindeer at Christmas are my obsession!

  2. Dollar store is my favorite place for holiday decorations!

  3. OMG those creepy eyes are fantastic! This is such a creative idea, Flora would love to do something like this. We don’t have a Dollar Store over here, sadly, but I’m wondering if our local craft stores might have something similar – time to go shopping, haha! x

    Lisa |

    1. Author

      I am sure that they do, last time I popped into our there were rows and rows of Halloween and Christmas supplies up. If nothing else there’s always online shopping! Amazon is my saving grace when it comes to harder to find supplies, or sometimes even for easy to find things I just don’t have the time to go and pick up haha

  4. They look so good! It’s amazing that you can make stuff like this at such an affordable price. I don’t know if our similar stores sell such great craft pieces but it’s definitely worth a look x


    1. Author

      I hope they do! It’s so much fun coming up with Holiday items like this without spending a fortune!

  5. Spiders! Why did it have to be more spiders! But in truth, this vase looks pretty damn awesome. The eyes in the flowers are perfection!

    1. Author

      The eyeball flowers were a must have as soon as I saw them. Especially since they were also purple. Don’t worry it’s nearly time for Christmas crafts. Those will likely be filled with Deer. I know you like Deer.

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