Dollar Store Fairy Garden, Simple DIY Summer Decor

DIY Dollar Store Miniature Fairy Garden

Fairy gardens are a popular spring and summer project loved by both kids and adults! Since creating a large outdoor fairy garden last summer I have been planning a smaller indoor version. Today’s dollar store fairy garden project is the perfect addition to your summer themed decor. Of course, it would also look quite lovely on a porch or balcony too!

To create this dollar store fairy garden I used cuttings from my older succulents. However, if you don’t have any and don’t want to purchase some, you can buy some fake ones at Dollar Tree! This also comes with the added bonus of making your fairy garden lighter to move around and require no additional care and watering. If you are thinking about getting some succulents I highly suggest taking a look at our basic guide to succulents too.

Dollar Store Fairy Garden, Simple DIY Summer Decor

Supplies needed for a dollar store fairy garden

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Fairy Garden Supplies – From the Dollar Store

Optional – From Dollar Store

Optional – From Home

  • Succulent Cuttings
  • Small brick

Dollar Store Fairy Garden Directions

Because of the height of the tin flower pot which will form your base and the height of the mini trellis you will have to do a bit of adjusting if you don’t want your fairy garden to tip over! This is less of a problem if you are using fake plants and fake moss but the soil is heavy. Thankfully this is a pretty easy fix. Simply bend the stake like ends of your trellis upwards so it will sit lower in your pot. Once your trellis is sitting lower anchor it in place with some river rocks and then top with soil. Add enough rocks so that the weight in the bottom planter keep it from feeling tippy. If you’re not satisfied and still fear it might tip over keep adding rocks or even potentially a brick to the bottom of the planter until your satisfied with the stability.

Once you have your trellis anchored in the base pot you can add the additional planters. Use floral wire and tightly wrap it under the rim of the large plastic bowl planter. Anchor it to the trellis by wrapping the floral wire around the trellis supports.

Hang your small planters on the edges of the trellis using the available hook shapes. Fill your planters with some soil.

Decorate your planters! Add your houses and accessories. Feel free to move them around until you get a look that you really like. Keep in mind the plants you will be adding and make sure that you leave enough room! Use some smaller rocks to make a pathway if you like!

Add your plants to the mix and then finish things off by scattering about your fairy or gnome figurines! To add a bit more to my garden I wound a fake ivy garland into my trellis and added a few fake florals for an extra pop of color. Fairy gardens are very personable and easy to adapt so feel free to play around and add items that match your personal decor style.

Place your garden in a safe spot where it’s easy to enjoy! Because this is a vertical decoration I highly recommend setting it up alongside a wall just for added support!

Do you have a Fairy Garden in your Home?

Dollar Store Fairy Garden Project. A DIY bit of summer decor fun! #summer #DIY #fairygarden #succulents #gardening #crafts #Dollarstore #dollartree #simplecrafts< />
Dollar Store Fairy Garden Project. A DIY bit of summer decor fun! #summer #DIY #fairygarden #succulents #gardening #crafts #Dollarstore #dollartree #simplecrafts< />


  1. Love this. I’ve never made a fairy garden, but I do think the concept of them are very unique and fun. Next time I’m in the city, I am going to have to hit up the dollar store there and see if I can put one together as well. This would help add a little pop to my indoor garden.

    1. Author

      I love that they are so easy to personalize. My outside one has unicorns in it because..unicorns and I have even seen knight and dragon sets and mermaids in the past. You can pretty much make one to fit any theme you like.

  2. Aww, this is super cute and adorable! I love how creative you can be with these fairy gardens and that you can add to them when you buy extra bits too! This looks so pretty and unique, it is great how you can personalize it so much as well. I’ve seen these in my local Poundland and have been tempted to give it a try, this post has really inspired me. Thanks for sharing your lovely project Kristin, fab post as always! <3 xx

    Bexa |

    1. Author

      So glad it inspired you! I have to admit I really enjoy making them! I also switch up the decorations to my outside one to match the seasons – spooky skeleton critters at Halloween and mini pine trees near Christmas. It’s a lot of fun!

  3. This is such a cute idea! A fairy garden would fit perfectly in my small balcony garden!

    1. Author

      You should give it a go! They definitely add a lot of fun to small spaces!

  4. Aw, I love this! It looks so adorable.

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