Gifts for Dog Lovers & A Pawsome Christmas!

Giving gifts at Christmas can be just as much fun as getting them but figuring out what to buy can be a little bit challenging at times! Some people have hobbies and gifts for runners or crafters or any other hobby can be easy enough! Everyone needs and wants supplies for their passions. But what if they really only dote on their dogs? Let’s face it, we all know people who love their dogs as much as they love the rest of us! Gifts for dog lovers are thankfully in pretty good supply, dogs are man’s best friend after all so there are plenty of things to get them. But if you’re looking for something a bit more interesting then your typical treats and toys then this is the place for you!

Gifts for Dog Lovers & A Pawsome Christmas!

Bullymake box, A dog subscription box for power chewers

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Doggy Subscription Boxes – The Gift that Keeps on Giving

We all know I love subscription boxes, so no one should be surprised that I’ve included some in this gift guide! Subscription boxes are great and they have become so popular that you can find one for almost every topic. There are subscription boxes for Keto, Crafting and Life in general. Dogs are no exception to this trend! There are several dog-related subscription boxes on the market and all of them are great! Which one you choose to gift depends a lot on the dog your friend or family member owns. If the dog is a super chewer and known for destroying toys then I highly suggest Bullymake Box. In our review earlier this year I tested this box out with Echo our German Shepherd puppy who is notorious for destroying her toys and I’m happy to say that they are still going strong!

Dogs that enjoy toys but aren’t as prone to destroying them might like Bark Box instead. A lot of dogs enjoy softer plush toys like those included with Bark Box. While I have not bought this box myself (hopefully will give it a try once Echo has outgrown her destructive nature) I have a feeling that Connor would love it.

Subscription boxes are great because they supply new and exciting toys on a regular basis! Just like kids, dogs tend to get bored if they have the same toys every day and bored dogs are misbehaving dogs. Getting a fun box of new toys every month that can be rotated is great!

teaching your dog to wear a harness

Tacti-cool Doggy Gear for that Outdoors Life

If the person you’re buying for enjoying taking their dog’s camping or hiking then some outdoor gear might be a great idea! When it comes to outdoor tactical dog gear my personal favorite brand happens to be OneTigris. We have done several articles including their products – hiking with dogs and teaching your dog to wear a harness.

I love the harnesses that my dogs wear. The Mammoth is wonderful for hiking while the Mad Hound and Gladiator are perfect for everyday wear. Tactical dog gear is durable and adaptable which makes it perfect for adventuring with dogs.

Of course, harnesses are not the only tactical styled dog gear that your friend or family member might enjoy! OneTigris also creates collars, leashes, and other dog-related gear that would be well-loved by dog owners. You might even consider adding in a few moral patches just for fun! Morale patches are another reason I love tactical styled dog gear, I mean what’s more fun than having a way to personalize your collars and harnesses with brightly colored patches?

Training Supplies for Fun that Gives Back

Teaching your dog tricks is a joy that anyone who loves dogs knows well! Every dog is capable of learning tricks and many of them will surprise you with just how many they are capable of mastering. Not only is training your dog great fun but it’s great for the pup too, something that any owner can appreciate.

Many people are interested in teaching their dogs tricks but also a bit unsure about how to start. If that’s the case for the owner you’re buying for then you might consider gifting them a few training manuals and basic supplies like this treat bag and clicker set.

If your friend or family member is serious about dog training then you might even consider investing in a gift certificate for a local training facility or even an online course like those offered at Fenzi Dog Sport’s Academy

Some Other Suggestions

If none of these strike your fancy here are a few more suggestions that might work out!

Gift Ideas Under $20

Gift Ideas Under $50

Gift Ideas Over $100


Gift Ideas for Dog Lovers! Fun ideas for a pawsome Christmas! #Pets #familypets #dogs #christmas #giftguide #holidays< />
Gift Ideas for Dog Lovers! Fun ideas for a pawsome Christmas! #Pets #familypets #dogs #christmas #giftguide #holidays< />


  1. Love this. Lots of great gifts for dogs and their owners. I’m not sure what we will be getting Penny this year for Christmas. I need to go through this list again and see what would suit her the most. No matter what, we always buy her lots of treats and a few special cans of dog food for the holidays. Occasionally she gets a new bed, because she wears them out so quickly.

    1. Author

      I think a new bed is on the list for our this year. Echo shredded her last one and Connor sucks on his like a nursing puppy which inevitably makes then nasty and needing to be replaced haha

  2. Nice gift ideas for the furry friends. Pinning and sharing on FB.

    1. Author

      A part of me want to make a mini tree of dogs. Nothing but dog ornaments. Too much? maaaybe…but it would be so cute!

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