Making DIY Soaps with Simply Earth

DIY soap making recipe box from Simply Earth

There is a pretty good chance that you have run across handmade DIY soaps before.We have seen them pretty frequently at craft shows and small gift shops. I even recall seeing them in many Christmas giftboxes growing up. The way they smelled and the cute little molded shapes they came in were always fun to explore. I mean who can forget the tiny rose-shaped soaps in your grandma’s bathroom?

Making homemade soap seemed like the perfect addition to our try something new series so I jumped at the chance when Simply Earth offered to send me one of their recipe boxes and give it a try!

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Feature 14 – Making DIY Soaps with Simply Earth

This is a sponsored post. I was sent this subscription box free in exchange for my honest review and thoughts on the contents. All opinions are strictly my own! This post may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase after clicking one of my links I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you!

What Is Required to Make Homemade Soaps?

This seems to vary wildly based on the type of soap you want to make. Goat milk soap, for example, would require different ingredients than the soap I created using the ingredients in my box! Perhaps we will try that out another time!

The soap from Simply Earth’s September box was pretty simple to make, both in terms of ingredients and time. That makes it a pretty awesome DIY in my book and I was able to whip these together following the very simple instructions while waiting for my kid’s bus to arrive.

My Simply Earth Box contained recipes for three different types of soaps and while they each had a few optional extra’s (like cinnamon, sugar and some dried flowers) the basics were all the same.

  • Soap Bar Base – In this case, an aloe glycerine soap base which was labeled as toxin-free and naturally cleansing and moistening.
  • Essential Oils – While I have dabbled with essential oils in an infuser I received from FabFitFun the scents I received in this box came in much larger bottles and a few were scents I had never even heard of before. I received Bay and Lemongrass, which I was familiar with from candles and such in the past. I also received a mixture called Happy Joy, and Cajeput.
  • A Mold – The Simply Earth box came with a really cute square silicone mold with 100% Handmade stamped on the side.


How Do You Make Homemade Soaps?

While I expect there are far more complicated recipes and processes for some soaps these ones were all really easy! Each of them only took a few minutes to make. They required measuring and then melting the glycerine base, adding in the appropriate mixture of essential oils and any optional extras and then pouring it into the mold to harden. My Simply Earth box had recipes for three different types of soaps, each with its own ingredient and instruction card and all of them came out smelling great!

Really you can’t make it any easier. I expect the hardest part of making this type of soap would be getting the scent mixtures right, especially when working with oils you have never heard of before. Thankfully Simply Earth took care of all of that for me and I have to be honest despite how simple these were to make I still had a lot of fun creating them. I would even consider making some for gift baskets come Christmas time. The recipe box even came with really cute little labels you can use to make sure that everyone who received them knows exactly what’s inside your creations. I put the labels on my roll-on and diffuser mixture so I’d remember what scent they were!

Where Do You Go From Here?

Now that I have made a few bars I expect I could branch out with different silicone molds for different holidays and even some sort of natural coloring. Of course, if I try any future Simply Earth boxes ( and I’m highly tempted too) I could easily expand on my scent recipes and mixes too! Having these scent mixtures created for me by the people at Simply Earth just makes it easier than trying to mix and match my own essential oil creations. The extent of my own scent mixture knowledge would probably be Vanilla and…anything else!

However, if you wanted to be super creative then I’m sure you could come up with your own signature scent which would be pretty neat!

You Keep Mentioning This Simply Earth Recipe Box! What Exactly Is It?!?

You all know how much I love my subscription boxes! I mean I recently got one for our dogs! The Simply Earth Recipe Box is a really fun new addition to these. Every box is designed around a new theme and includes all the essential oils and toxin-free ingredients you need to make 6 natural recipes. In my Box (For September), I received recipes for three different soaps, a diffuser blend, a Roll-on scent, and a Compress. Past themes have included fun recipes to do with your kids and pet-themed items, both of which I’m kind of sad I missed out on!

You can also feel pretty good about purchasing from Simply Earth not only because all of their ingredients are natural and toxin-free but all their oils are tested to be 100% pure. But even more justifiable than that? They donate 13% of their profits to organizations dedicated to ending human trafficking. I always love supporting companies who give back.

Interested In Giving It A Try?

Awesome! Check out Simply Earth and don’t forget to use our Coupon Code TALESFROMHOMEFREE Those who will use our code receive a free $40 gift card with their first box and a big bonus box. 



DIY Soap Making with Simply Earth! A fun craft and potential gift idea! #DIY #Soap #crafting #subscriptionbox #productreview #essentialoils #oils #scents< />
DIY Soap Making with Simply Earth! A fun craft and potential gift idea! #DIY #Soap #crafting #subscriptionbox #productreview #essentialoils #oils #scents< />


  1. I’ve always wondered how these work! These seems really cool to try!

    1. Author

      You should definitely give it a try! It was a lot of fun!

    1. Author

      The cards were really great! The instructions were easy to follow and on the back, they even had some nifty information about the charities/groups they donated too and other tidbits about the different ingredients, etc.

  2. What a great subscription box! I have wanted to try my hand at soap making and this seems like the best way to do it without a huge investment. Will have to check this subscription box out, if they ship to Canada of course.

    1. Author

      It was a lot of fun! They do different projects every box but the September box is still available and you should definitely look into it!

  3. I’ve always wanted to make my own soap but hubby banned me from “playing with lye!” This looks so much better and I have some great essential oils to add. Will definitely check this out
    xo Ros | ZenHealth

  4. This sounds so simple! I love how professional they look; these would make a great gift for a loved one.

    1. Author

      It was really simple! Far more then I expected it to be!

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