Have You Found Your One True Babysitter?

There’s a lot to say about spending your spare evenings with your kids. In fact, for many families, this is the ideal opportunity to spend some quality time. Whether that involves group games or solo television, just being in the same room can become your favorite thing to do.

Yet, as much as you love staying in with the kids, there will come times when you must get out and spread your wings. Couples, in particular, find that they need to keep date nights and quality time alive if they’re to avoid bickering and eventual fallouts that lead to a family lawyer. Equally, nourishing your friendships means seeing everyone solo at least some of the time!

Have You Found Your One True Babysitter?

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That’s why you need a go-to sitter. With this person on hand, you can head out without worry, and rest easy that your kids will always have a good time. The trouble is that truly wonderful babysitters are few and far between. That means holding onto the good ones when you get them. But, how exactly can you be sure that you’ve found a keeper?

Your kids don’t want them to leave

Your kids are your best indicators for the potential success of any babysitter. If they’re pushing someone out the door by the time you get home, it probably didn’t go very well. By comparison, if your kids plead with you to let their babysitter stay a little longer, it’s a sure sign that you’ve found a good match. In this instance, even kids who usually struggle to cope with separation might plead with you to go out so they can have fun with their babysitter again. What better reassurance that you’re leaving them in the best hands?

They always give you a rundown

Look out, too, for a babysitter who gives you a rundown at the end of each evening. Too often, sitters will rush out the door, leaving you none the wiser as to how the evening went. This can only increase your anxiety about going out next time. That’s why a decent sitter will always take the time to talk you through any hiccups, tears, or bedtime tantrums before they leave. By letting you know about these things, they show that they care while ensuring that you feel better reassured about leaving your kids in the future

You’re handing their number to all your friends

If you’re forever handing out a babysitter’s number to your friends, then it’s a certain sign you’re smitten. No one wants to recommend a poor candidate, after all, so this is a pretty certain indication that you’re confident in your go-to sitter’s abilities to impress your mates, as well. Never underestimate the value of that realization or the indication it gives that you couldn’t be happier with the care your kids receive. 

Trust us; finding your one true baby sitter is never an easy task. But, if you notice these plus points, it’s vital that you hold onto them and never let them go!

Signs that you've found a great Babysitter! #family #kids #parenting #familyfun #mom #sahm
Signs that you've found a great Babysitter! #family #kids #parenting #familyfun #mom #sahm

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