What’s the Best Way to cope with Pet Hair And Allergies?

Do you often feel itchy or sneeze whenever your pet is around? Then, you are probably one of the multitudes of pet owners who are unfortunately allergic to their pets. It’s ironical, how the greatest animal lovers are prevented from having a pet due to the symptoms they experience in their vicinity or even when the animals are out of the house. But how do you cope with pet hair and allergies?

What’s the Best Way to Cope with Pet Hair And Allergies?

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Fur is believed to be the main cause of allergies, but it’s simply not true. The major culprit is the proteins found in their skin, urine or saliva, which cause allergies to people with a weaker immune system. 

These allergens, especially dander, are easily carried through the air, so you might feel symptoms when the animal isn’t around. Dander represents the dead skin cells that fall off animals’ fur and stick to furniture, clothes, and carpets, practically to every object in your home.

Nevertheless, if you can’t imagine your life without a pet regardless of the discomfort you’re experiencing, there are some things that might help. These are some of the most effective things you can try.

Do An Allergy Test

Although the first thought that might cross your mind with symptoms like runny nose, sneezing or itchy eyes, is that you have a pet allergy; don’t rush to give a premature answer. Most types of allergies share the same kind of symptoms, so you might be allergic to pollen, some other plant, or animal.

Schedule an appointment at the nearest clinic and have yourself tested for a variety of allergens. If you turn out to really be allergic to your pet, the doctors should diagnose the specific reason; whether it is the fur, dander or saliva so that you take the necessary precautions and treatments.

Forbid Bedroom Access

Letting your pet up on the bed might be one of your dearest activities, but it’s soon to be forgotten in the past. It’s alright to leave your dog or cat in the house, but it should no longer be allowed to enter your bedroom. You should have at least one room in the house turned into an allergen-free haven.

In addition, as you also spend considerable time in the living room, restrict your companion’s access to the sofa or armchairs whose fabric is an allergens magnet. If you lack the courage to leave your cat or dog sitting on the ground, then the only solution would be to use a blanket over the couch. Or invest in an extra nice pet bed so you feel less guilty!

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Clean Regularly And Thoroughly

As much as you hate cleaning, you’d have to thoroughly clean the carpets, rugs, furniture as well as the walls and curtains, on a daily basis. You can use vacuum cleaners, specialized in collecting pet hair or rubber brooms and sponges for going over the carpets one more time. Dust the furniture, wipe the walls, launder the curtains and bed sheets more frequently.

When it comes to the air you breathe, the only thing you can do is purchase a high-efficiency air purifier, which you’re going to put in the room where your cat or dog spends most of its time. This filter is your only hope for lowering the dander levels in the air.

Maintain Hygiene

One of the best methods for reducing the level of allergens is giving your pet regular baths, as often as once a week. If you can’t perform this task, as animals act out when having a water contact, particularly cats; you can take it to the groomer. Moreover, don’t forget to wash your hands whenever you come in contact with your companion.

Have Your Medicine Handy

It’s extremely important to have your stash of allergy medicine with you at all times, as you never know when the symptoms will strike you. Always take your pills, eye drops or nasal sprays, which will help you momentarily.

However, some people opt for allergy shots that have the effect of vaccines, producing antibodies that fight the allergens and eventually reduce your oversensitivity. They are supposed to be administered every few weeks. In some cases, these shots help sufferers eliminate the allergies for good.

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If the presence of your dog or cat causes you serious trouble, then there’s no other way, but parting with it. Your health should always most important.

Wrap Up

Deciding to keep your animal companion, in spite of what your body is trying to tell you, is a real sign of love and bravery.

By changing something about yourself as well as making certain changes to your environment, you can cope with pet hair and allergies continue to love and take care of your pet!

Coping with Pet Hair and Allergies #pets#dogs #cats#allergy#allergies #familypets #family #Health< />
Coping with Pet Hair and Allergies #pets#dogs #cats#allergy#allergies #familypets #family #Health< />


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