The Benefits of Planting Trees in your Yard

The benefits of planting trees

When we first moved into our home the yard was completely barren of trees. We didn’t think too much about it at the time – we were far more interested in the size of the yard and the neighborhood in general! We moved in during the winter and honestly, spent very little time in our yard for those first few months. It wasn’t until spring rolled around and we wanted to get out an enjoy the changing seasons that we noticed the glaring lack of shade in our yard! Providing shade is probably one of the biggest benefits of planting trees in your yard but it’s not the only one!

I will say that with the scorching heat of that first summer, it was probably our biggest motivator though! Anyone who has spent time in the south will likely agree! But if you’re still on the fence, maybe the reasons listed below will help you decide.

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The Benefits of Planting Trees in your Yard

Planting Trees Can Save You Money!

Almost all of us are interested in saving some money now and then right? Well, it turns out that planting trees in strategic places around your home can significantly reduce the cost of cooling your home in the summer. In fact, some studies have shown that adequately shading your home can reduce your costs by up to 35%. You can even improve the running efficiency of your air conditioning unit by keeping it shaded. For those of us living in the South where summer energy bills can be very expensive, even a small reduction could add up to a lot of long term savings.

Even if you happen to live in a colder climate you can benefit from some savings, by planting trees to block the wind you can reduce the energy and therefore the cost needed to keep your home warm.

Of course, these savings might take a little while to show up as newly planted saplings will have to grow before doing their jobs but the investment is relatively small and well worth the wait.

Using Trees in your Landscaping can Make You Money!

Planting trees in your yard now can be an investment for later. This is not only because of the money saved in heating and cooling, which we mentioned above – but in case you decide to move. It’s pretty well established that homes with beautiful landscaping and mature trees are worth more on the market than those with bare lots.

In fact, part of the reason we got a decent deal on our home, despite its four-bedroom size was likely because there was no landscaping at all. In fact, some neighborhoods report up to a 10% increase in home value. When you are selling a home that can add up to a lot of money for a relatively low investment.

Buying trees for your home is exceptionally easy, you don’t even have to venture out to a nursery or seasonal garden center if you don’t want too! In fact, buying trees online from places like The Tree Center means that you can take advantage of sales events that your unlikely to find in the garden center’s until the end of the season when they are trying to get rid of old or sickly plants everyone else has passed over. We all know I love taking advantage of sales!

The Tree Center offers free shipping for orders over $100 and plant health guarantees & warranties so you don’t have to worry about getting dead or sick plants either.

Trees Can Benefit You, Your Neighborhood and The Environment all at the Same Time!

Spending time around plants is something that we all need to do more of. It’s been shown to reduce stress, help improve memory and even improve the healing process. How could it be easier to benefit from all of this then making your yard your own green zone paradise?

You can create your own private getaway location by choosing trees that you find pleasing to your eye. You might enjoy a burst of color like those provided by various Beech Trees or you might prefer the weeping fronds of a willow tree. No matter your growing zone there are sure to be trees that will make you happy!

Neighborhoods with tree-lined streets have been shown to have ranked more positively in the eyes of visitors and even show a reduction of traffic accidents. It’s possible that planting trees with your neighbors can make your neighborhood a safer place to live.

And, we all know that trees are beneficial to the environment and we should all care about protecting planet Earth. They reduce air pollutants while providing us with oxygen, prevent erosion and provide a home for a wide variety of wildlife. The benefits of planting trees in your yard vastly outweigh the small cost of buying them!

So Go Out there, Plant Some Trees and Enjoy The Benefits They Create!

The benefits of Adding Trees to your Yard! Some are Expected, others are surprising! Check them out! #landscaping #gardening #homedecor #curbappeal #realestate #home #family #outdoorlife #outdoors< />
The benefits of Adding Trees to your Yard! Some are Expected, others are surprising! Check them out! #landscaping #gardening #homedecor #curbappeal #realestate #home #family #outdoorlife #outdoors< />

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