Try a Unique Shopping Experience by Attending an Auction!

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When I was a little girl I remember attending a few auctions with my family. Some of the time these were farm sales where we kept an eye out for good quality used saddles and other horse equipment (horses are an expensive hobby!) Other times we went out looking for antique furniture and household items. While it was certainly fun to go to these auctions in person and they provide a unique shopping experience I have to say that the convenience of online bidding now that I am an adult also has its perks!

Auctions kind of feel like a competitive yard sale and I’m not sure which I like better – the hunt for hidden treasures or the excitement of getting a great deal! Regardless of what you’re looking for, if you’re a family on a budget looking for a fun afternoon you might want to check out the unique shopping experience that an auction can deliver.

Try a Unique Shopping Experience by Attending an Auction!

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Why Consider an Auction?

While we all love our trips to the local mall or spending time browsing Amazon or eBay once in a while its fun to go out and try something different. Auctions not only provide a bit more entertainment than your typical shopping spree but they also tend to have unique items. If you are a collector then you might luck out and find something truly unusual.

There is also a pretty good chance that you can find some exceptional deals at an auction. If your the only person looking for a particular item you might be able to walk away with a deal you wouldn’t be able to find in a typical store.

What can I find at an Auction?

There are auctions for almost anything you can think of. Estate auctions such as the ones offered by companies such as Peachtree and Bennett, a local east coast company based out of Atlanta, offer everything from clothing and furniture to foreclosed homes. Of course, there are also auctions for very specific items such as Art or livestock.

How do I Find an Auction

Finding them is generally just a matter of a quick online search although travel may be required for very specific auctions.  However, they are often listed in your local papers as well! Facebook groups for your local communities can also be a great resource.

Peachtree & Bennet advertisement photo
Photo by Peachtree & Bennett

Tips for Attending a Successful Auction

  • Do your research! – Before heading off to an auction it’s always best to know the general value of what our looking for. If you are looking for a dresser and the one you like in the stores retails for $200 then your not saving any money if you get caught up in the bidding and spend $300. However, your just as likely to find a steal for $150 if you keep your eye out!
  • Know your Financial Limits – Going to an auction is supposed to be fun! It’s not fun if you put yourself into debt while doing it! Have a budget figured out beforehand and stick to it! If you have trouble sticking to budgets it might be worthwhile to think about leaving the cards at home and only bringing a specific amount of cash with you.
  • Get there Early – If you are attending a live auction then its worthwhile to get there a bit early so that you can look over the items and get good seating. Some auctions also have approved times for previewing the merchandise so make sure you are aware of those before you go as well! It’s worthwhile to see the items up close and personal before you start bidding on them from farther away.
  • Check the Auction Rules – Some auctions require bidders to pre-register. Almost all of them require some form of ID when it comes to payment and pick-up. Making sure you know what’s expected before you arrive will make the entire experience enjoyable rather than stressful!
  • Have fun! – This is supposed to be a fun event! A unique shopping experience that you can’t get anywhere else. Take the time to enjoy yourself and soak in the atmosphere. Eye the strange and exciting things you find and revel in any deals you might pick up!

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