Why Every Family Should Buy A Projector

We all love to watch movies at home and this year it’s become a must! To make that experience the best it can be, you need the right kit. TV technology has gotten better in recent years, but so has the tech in projectors. Once only for the cinema, there are now plenty of projectors on the market that are made to be used in the home. If you want to create the perfect movie-viewing space, here’s why you need to consider a projector at home. 

Why Every Family Should Buy A Projector

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  1. Size matters. If you want a big picture for your movies, they don’t come much bigger than a projector. You can purchase 60inch LCD televisions now without having to remortgage your house, but sometimes that’s still not big enough. The average projector will cast an image of 100 inches across, which is a lot bigger than a TV of a similar price. 
  2. Party time. Home cinema design is ideal for those who love to throw parties or entertain. Whether you’re hosting a movie night or having your friends over to watch a sporting event, having a projector means that everybody can see the screen properly wherever they sit in the room. A compact projector on the coffee table, close to the wall, means there won’t have to be any bulky equipment disrupting your view of the screen.
  3. No need for total darkness. When we think about projectors, we usually think of a dark cinema and struggling to find your way out if you have to get up. Home projectors don’t need you to do this. If you choose a projector that has a high lumens figure, they work perfectly well in a room with surrounding ambient light. No falling over the dog when you get up to refill your drink!
  4. Simple installation. Installing a projector is actually quite easy. You usually won’t need any tools or any drilled holes in the wall. A good projector will work straight out of the box, placed on a table with only a power cable and an HDMI lead. There are some projectors that work with wireless connection kits, you can screen directly from your phone or PC. 
  5. They’re affordable. Originally projectors were very pricey, and not something the average family could afford to buy. As the technology has got better, however, prices have fallen, and there are now some options on the market that suit a wider range of budgets. A projector is never going to be cheap, but there are more budget-friendly options available, that most families could either at least manage to save up for. 

A projector can be a really fun addition to the family home. They’re great for movie night, or for a gaming session together. Whether you want to elevate your Christmas movie tradition or host the best football parties, then you will need a projector. Shop around for the best deal, and you can project onto a screen, a blank wall, or even a sheet. Swap your TV for a projector and bring the cinema home. 

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