Wooden Watches for Women, A Beautiful Accessory

Wooden Watches for Women

I’ll be honest, I never used to put a lot of thought into the accessories I used with my outfits. To be frank I never really bothered with them at all. As long as I had a shirt and some pants I was fine. Adding necklaces, watches and bracelets seemed frivolous and unnecessary. What I didn’t realize at the time was that this lack of care wasn’t so much because I didn’t like the items but because I didn’t want to pull attention to myself. I didn’t like myself so why should I bother trying to look pretty? When we started our healthier lifestyle I also made a conscious effort to improve how I thought of myself and you know what? I found out I actually really like necklaces, watches, and earrings. I love putting together a pretty outfit and these wooden watches for women make a beautiful accessory!

Wooden Watches for Women, A Beautiful Accessory

Wooden Watches for Women from jord

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When I was first contacted by JORD and offered the chance to review one of their beautiful wooden watches I was ecstatic! While I have looked at watches many times in the past I was just never fully drawn to your typical metal ones and while a Fitbit and a smartwatch are nice for when I’m running, they just don’t really add much to an outfit! Of course, if you really love your Apple smartwatch JORD also offers wooden watchbands for those too!

There are some days where I just really wanted a beautiful statement piece for an outfit. Anniversaries and Valentine’s day, in particular, come to mind! Anyone who follows my blog or Instagram should know that I have a bit of a thing for trees and nature. I have used trees as a theme for my decor and craft projects several times. The thought of incorporating natural wood grains into my fashion was highly appealing!

Why Pick JORD?

wooden watches for women


Although there are several wooden watch brands on the market – and I have looked at a few in stores in the past. I am truly glad that I ultimately added a JORD watch (pronounced Yode) to my accessories. There are several reasons for this but the most important one to me was their transparency when it comes to the sustainability of the wood used in their products.

I love nature, our family enjoys hiking and camping. Planting trees and celebrating Earth Day is as much a part of our family tradition as turkey at Christmas. When you visit the JORD website you can see all the woods they used listed under ‘Materials’ at the top of the page. Even nicer, clicking on one of these woods gives you not only a rundown of the watch varieties made with it but the current sustainability of that particular species of tree. This allows users to pick a watch which fits with their personal ideals.

The purpleheart wood used in my Frankie Series timepiece might look like it’s a rare an exotic type of wood but in reality, it’s a very sustainable and stable type of wood and I love knowing that.

wooden watches for women

Attention to Quality

Aside from knowing that the wooden components of my watch are both sustainable and of high quality, I also love the fact that every component of my watch is laid out on their website. I can see details about everything! I can spend a few moments and read exactly why every part of my watch was chosen from the links to the glass.

wooden watches for women

Beauty & Variety

Not only are JORD watches made with quality and sustainability in mind but they are also beautiful. The company offers many different styles and although I wrote this article with wooden watches for women in mind, they also offer designs for men!

The large variety of wood available means that there are many colors and grain types to pick from. I happen to love any type of purple shades so my watch was a no brainer for me! I have no doubt that you can find one that suits your particular fashion sense just as well!

If you want to give one of these watches as a gift, many of them can be engraved! This makes for a lovely present.

wooden watches for women

Why Add a Watch to Your Outfit

As I said above, I never used to spend a lot of time thinking about my outfits. But! I have found that adding statement pieces that I love to my outfits help boost my self-esteem. When I love what I wear I find it easier to love myself too. It’s all a part of changing my outlook and lifestyle. Of course, there are other reasons too!

Aside from the functional purpose of wearing a watch (maybe we should all learn to rely on our phones just a little bit less) watches are another opportunity to add a bit of personality to an outfit. Maybe your not comfortable wearing bright colors or vibrant patterns, maybe your not entirely happy wearing nothing but neutrals either. Accessories such as a watch can be a wonderful opportunity to add a bit of bling without having to be the center of attention.

Of course, if you do want to be the center of attention then you know what they say. It’s the little things that matter! Bringing an outfit together with just the right little bits and bobs can take it from casual day to flirty evening or upscale classy.

wooden watches for women

Have you ever considered a Wooden Watch?

If you haven’t then maybe this will change your mind! Follow this link and enter to win $100 gift code towards any JORD Watch!

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Wooden Watches for Women, a beautiful Accessory #women #womensfashion #fashion #woodenwatches #selfcare #accessory< />
Wooden Watches for Women, a beautiful Accessory #women #womensfashion #fashion #woodenwatches #selfcare #accessory< />

Wooden Wrist Watch


  1. Love the watch. So unique and very pretty.

  2. Oh wow, I’ve heard of wooden watches before and not thought they looked great but this one looks so pretty! I love the pinkness. I love that it’s sustainable and good for the environment, too.


  3. What a gorgeous watch. I love the idea of wood watches. I may not have a lick of fashion sense, but I can see why adding one of these to your outfit would add that special touch to it.

  4. i am loving the idea of wooden watches, thank you for this post! I love all your photos!

    I can tell that the band is wood, is the back of the watch face (casing? the actual watch part) wood too? Metal watch bands and me do not get along AT ALL, so I’m always on the look out for wood or leather watch bands. Plastic is ok, but not my preference.

    1. Author

      Looking at the back of my watch it seems to be a plexiglass plastic type plate, howeve3r it’s hard to tell and could be metal. I know some of the watches they offer do have a wooden backing though as I have seen them on their website on the engraving page. I would suggest checking out the different designs you like and asking JORD. They have a really great chat help on their site!

  5. This is such a beautiful watch and JORD sounds like such a brilliant company. I like the fact that you can find out all the information about each watch part on the website, that is great attention to detail. The colour you picked is gorgeous (I love how it matches your top too!). Thanks for sharing Kristin, fab review and lovely photos! <3 xx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com

    1. Author

      Thanks so much! I love the color too, but I am seriously biased when it comes to purple haha!

  6. You did such a great job emphasizing some unique features & benefits Kristin! I am so glad you shared this item & store with everyone & who doesn’t love a giveaway! I will definitely be looking into this company & item more!

    1. Author

      Thank you so much! I’m glad that you found the article interesting!

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