5 Things You Should Buy at The Dollar Tree

Everyone knows I love the Dollar Tree! It’s pretty apparent to everyone I talk to and I have an entire section of this blog devoted to it! A lot of people seem very surprised at the items you can find at the Dollar Tree, I suspect that this is due to the preconceived notion that Dollar Store Items are cheap and poorly made. I don’t find this to be the case, here are 5 things you should definitely buy at the Dollar Tree!

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5 Things You Should Buy at The Dollar Tree

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Seasonal Decorations

I love decorating for the holidays! There is something fun about changing the house to match the seasons and adding a bit of whimsey to the decor for the kids. What I don’t necessarily like is the price of some of these decorations. Seasonal decor is a huge market in big box stores and the prices tend to reflect that popularity. This makes seasonal decorations one of my absolute favorite items to buy at the Dollar Tree!

Thankfully the Dollar Tree doesn’t disappoint when it comes to this! In order to get the best selection, you have to hit the dollar store up a few months before the holiday season actually arrives but they always have a lot of fun items! Lately, wall signs, door decorations, and garlands have been very popular. There is always a really great supply of seasonally based crafting supplies too in case you want to make your own personalized decoration like our Creepy spider Vase or Pretty Reindeer Globe!

Greeting Cards

I can’t believe that today (August 25th) marks the one-year anniversary of the launch of Expressions from Hallmark and Heartline cards at the Dollar Tree. There are over 6800 Dollar Tree stores nationwide and with hundreds of exclusive designs, you are guaranteed to find a way to celebrate every moment and event with your friends and family without breaking the bank!

When your a family on a budget like we are, things like greeting cards are often pretty low on the priority list. But! It’s hard to overlook the simple joy and fun that you receive from sending them out. If I can have that joy and still stay under budget then I say yes, please!

It’s hard to deny that the Dollar Tree cards are a great deal. You can get Expressions from Hallmark cards for $1 each and Heartline, a Hallmark Company card for 2/$1! The cards are really cute, with beautiful graphics and sincere, sweet and funny messages inside. They are made from high-quality cardstock and I’ve never had to worry about the cards feeling cheap, bending or not making it to their intended target in good shape. You can find more information about these cards by visiting: Expressions From Hallmark

Party Supplies

Every now and then you just want to have a good time or throw your little one a fun event. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for birthday items or trying to organize a baby shower but the Dollar Tree will likely have at least a few items that you can use to help lower the cost of those events.

The party supplies that I love to get from the Dollar Tree include balloons (they have a really large selection of foil helium balloons) and paper dinnerware. The disposable dinnerware comes in a wide array of colors and pattern AND it saves my sanity when it comes to cleaning up!

DIY Craft Supplies

DIY Easter Craft - Supplies

When it comes to basic crafting supplies the Dollar Tree is my go-to location. The supplies in their crafting aisle range from the basics like glitter, popsicle sticks, pom-poms, and pipe cleaners to florals, wreath frames, and glass beads.

I typically stock up on my mini gluesticks here as well as items for papercraft projects like washi tape and other journaling items (and yes I do consider decorating my bullet journal and planner to be a crafty endeavor!)

This is also a great place to look for decor accents like fake moss, loose leaves, sea glass, and river rocks!

Glass Ware

Aside from vases and candle holders, you might also be surprised by the selection of pretty glassware at your local Dollar Tree. While they typically have a large selection of clear glassware, which can be useful when you need some basic wine or drinking glasses I have also found that they typically have a really pretty set of seasonal plate ware available too!

You might have noticed the pretty plates I picked up to use in my Mosaic project but they also had matching bowls and saucers for that set. This summer they had a sunflower themed set and last spring I picked up some really colorful flowered sets. I can’t wait to see what I find this fall!

Don’t Forget!

Obviously, the Dollar Tree is a store worth visiting and if you need any more convincing make sure you enter the sweepstakes linked at the top of this post for your chance to win!

Things you should be buying at the Dollar Store #Dollartree #dollarStore #budget #family< />
Things you should be buying at the Dollar Store #Dollartree #dollarStore #budget #family< />

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