FabFitFun Fall Box Review

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As part of my self-care routine this year I signed up to receive the fabfitfun box! While buying yourself things like this might not seem like like self-care on the outside I have found that it really helps me. For so many years I neglected myself when it came to pampering. I would buy things for the kids and if my husband wanted something I never said no, but when it came to myself? I would hold back from splurging in order to save money. Now, saving money is important when your family runs on a budget, but, taking care of yourself is important too. Sometimes we just need a bit of pampering and when you break down the cost of the fabfitfun subscription box it’s not all that much. Approximately $50 every 3 months works out to only $16.66 a month. If I can’t spend that much on myself then we have bigger problems at hand! Since I was getting the box I figured why not do a review of them as we go? The fabfitfun Fall box arrived on my doorstep a couple of weeks ago – but I wanted to test the products out before posting my review!

fabfitfun Fall Box Review

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What is fabfitfun?

Before we get into the box review I thought I would give a brief introduction for those unfamiliar with the brand. fabfitfun is a quarterly subscription box. Once you have signed up you receive a box in the mail filled with all sorts of goodies based on the seasons. You can find my spring and summer reviews here on the blog for a good idea of what you might get. The cost of each box is $49.99 and you get 8-10 full-sized products worth over $200. I picked fabfitfun specifically because it was all full sized products – I didn’t want to pay a lot of money for a bunch of samples!

Even better there is an opportunity to customize a part of your box each month. For this month one of my choices was a french press coffee maker rather than a teapot. The teapot was super cute but I already have a stoneware lilac purple one and our family has become somewhat coffee obsessed since we started eating Keto. Of course, I had to try the french press! If you want to be completely surprised, however, there’s an option for that too! If you really can’t decide on what you want you can even add the other options to your box for a few dollars more. All in all its a pretty good deal for a surprise in the mail every couple of months. I know my excitement sets in as soon as I receive that ‘Your order has shipped’ email!

What did you get in your fabfitfun Fall Box?

fabfitfun fall box contents

Now that you know a little bit more, let’s get on with the review. My Fall box was quite nice! the packaging was so pretty I almost didn’t want to break it open. Almost. In the end, curiosity won out!

Cute Kitchen Accessories

fabfitfun fall box kitchen accessories

Alfred French Press

As I mentioned above I had the choice between this french press and a sweet little teapot from the same company. Since I already have a teapot I adore and we really love our coffee the french press won out! I have never tried french pressed coffee before but I have heard a lot of people talk about it! Typically we use a Keurig machine but since all you need is boiling water and some ground coffee for the French press this seemed like a pretty great addition to our household. Who doesn’t want gourmet coffee when the power goes out and your boiling water over a camp stove? We live in the south and get hit by hurricanes now and then – so this happens more often then we would like!

The French press is quite cute! I expect it would look nice in any kitchen as the design is fairly neutral being silver, gold and clear. The saying emblazoned on the side ‘But First Coffee’ is certainly something I can relate too!

Simply Whimsical Tea Towels

At first glance, I wasn’t too excited about these but I have to admit they have completely won me over after using them. The design is pretty quiet being a simple grey and white pattern. I think this quiet design is what originally made me go meh – it’s not overly eye-catching or bright. However, they will match with practically anything and the soft grey of the design kind of grew on me after hanging them up for a while.

What really won me over was the size. These things are huge, much larger than many other dishtowels I have gotten in the past. When you have kids who like to make big messes, big dish towels can be a plus! The package came with a pair of them which is great, I love having matching pairs for these sorts of things!

Going Out!

fabfitfun fall box going outside

Vince Camuto Luck Tote

This was another customized option for me. I had the choice between this tote and some make-up brushes. The makeup brushes looked nice but I have a pair of unicorn whimsical ones already and I don’t have a nice fall tote – so the tote won. I then got to pick between the color’s ‘desert rose’ or ‘black’. Since my favorite fall boots are a rusty brown I went with the desert rose.

This vegan leather tote is quite large – which is great since that means I can carry around my planners or a notebook quite easily. You never know when a blog idea might strike! It even has a little hanging pocket so my keys and other small items don’t get lost in the chaos the rest of it will surely fall into before long. It’s inevitable with my purses and bags! If I ever did a ‘what’s in my bag’ post it would be receipts, random bits of paper…kids toys. At least this one has room for it all!

Catherine Malandrino Umbrella

I had the choice between an umbrella or some Bluetooth wireless earbuds here. I know what your thinking, wouldn’t the earbuds be more useful for running and working out? Maybe! But I love my Trekz Air too much to exchange them for earbuds and embarrassingly enough I actually don’t have an umbrella. I think I used too have one, but I have no idea what happened to it! It’s rained pretty much all summer and I doubt it’s going to stop now that fall is here. Now I can just walk to the car instead of making a mad dash. Plus I liked the cute red floral option.

I haven’t had the chance to try this out yet but I opened it up just to check it out and it seems pretty sturdy. The colors are bright and cheerful but there was a more neutral black/white floral option for those who wanted something less eye-catching.

Beauty Basics

fabfitfun fall box beauty basics


My old beauty blender was starting to wear out (I use it a lot!) so I was really glad to find this in my box! These little sponges might not seem like much if you have never used them before but they are so useful! The pointed tip is perfect for bending your makeup along the sides of your nose and under your eyes while the larger rounded end is perfect for the rest of your blending needs. The sponge is super soft and doesn’t seem to suck up a lot of product which is nice! It cleans really nicely, much easier than my older cheaper version which seems to suck makeup into its very core.

Farmacy Dew It All Total Eye Cream

This was an intriguing addition to my routine. I have never actually used an eye cream before but I do have some fairly dark circles under my eyes from time to time thanks to seasonal allergies. This is supposed to help with those as well as wrinkles and fine lines.

This was a random chance item for me, apparently, there was a chance for this eye cream, some lipstick, and a detox bath. I am kind of sad I didn’t get the lipstick but having used the eye cream a few times now I think it will come in handy now that fall allergy season is here. It did seem to reduce the black circles a good bit. If you want to choose which of these items to get in your box you need to pay for an annual subscription rather then a quarterly one! I might switch to annual next year.

It’s All About Your Skin!

fabfitfun fall box skin care

GlamGlow Bubblesheet Oxygenating Deep Cleanse Mask

I have seen people talk about using facial masks all over Twitter and Instagram. Despite this, I had never used one before so I was kind of tickled to receive two of them in my box. Let’s see what all the fuss is about! I tried one of these right away and it was… different. These masks were pretty soapy feeling but the foaming bubbles did feel kind of neat.

I don’t know if I will ever be a face mask enthusiast.  But! I will say it wasn’t unpleasant and it was nice to be able to try it out.

Skin&Co Roma Blue in Capri Shower Gel

I think this might be one of my favorite items in my box. The description says it can also be used as a bubble bath. Given how wonderful the scent is I can certainly see how this would be nice! So far I have only used it as a shower gel and the wild sage, lemon, and alpine rose scent is pretty heavenly after a long run!

I like that you don’t have to use much of this product to get a good lather. The bottle should last quite a while and I will probably look for more of it once it’s gone.

Grown Alchemist Polishing Facial Exfoliant

I will have to admit to becoming a fan of exfoliants over the last year. I just love the way they make my skin feel. With all the sweating that comes from running and the makeup I have been wearing lately, my skin will probably thank me for it later on.

This exfoliant has a lovely citrusy type of scent thanks to the grapefruit extract and it’s not overly rough either. I love exfoliants but I don’t want to feel like my face was put through a cheese grater. Gentle is the name of the game for me and this one fits the bill!

Extra! Extra!

fabfitfun fall box extras

Most of the time my fabfitfun boxes come with a couple of extra items thrown in. Sometimes it coupons and sometimes it samples. This seasons box came with a coupon for HelloFresh which seems like a good deal. A few of our friends really love the fun of making these meals. They don’t have a keto or low carb option (bummer!) but maybe someday they will add one.

We also got a sample Luna bar and coupon. Again, not keto or low carb but the kids said it was delicious!

fabfitfun Fall Box Conclusions

Overall I was quite happy with the items I received in my fall box! I love the tote and can’t wait to put it to use when I pull out my boots and the shower gel is exquisite! Certainly of much higher quality than the brands I normally buy. I have a feeling that the French press coffee is going to be a huge hit too! The beauty blender was a much-needed upgrade from my old one and I think the tea towels are going to look amazing with my soon to be pulled out winter decor.

I already can’t wait for my Winter box!

What’s your Favorite Subscription Box?

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  1. This looks like such a great subscription box!! You have taken great photographs. Great review, thank you for sharing x

    1. Author

      You’re Welcome! Thanks for reading and glad you like the photos!

  2. I love this box, I really wish I could afford it, one day when I make some money I will. The items always look amazing and a really good mix of home and other.

    1. Author

      I think the mix is part of the appeal for me too. I like variety!

  3. Wow! What a pretty looking box of lovely goodies! It’s great that you can customize your box to suit your taste, that is such a great option. I love that you get such a wide range of products, there is really something for everyone! The umbrella is so useful for this time of year and such a cute design too. The tote bag looks really good quality and spacious as well! It’s fab that you have such a good selection of beauty treats too, this looks like the perfect self-care box for those cosy Autumnal evenings. Enjoy your goodies lovely, and thank you for sharing. I’m loving your photos too! <3 xx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com

    1. Author

      Is it sad that I got excited when I looked outside and noticed it had started raining right before we left for the store? I finally got to use the new umbrella. I was like a kid in the candy store and my husband just rolled his eyes haha! I love that its such a mix of items, I think tats a big part of the reason I picked this subscription box over all the others I looked at honestly.

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