Dollar Store Christmas Wreath DIY Project

DIY Dollar Tree Christmas Wreath

It’s no secret that I love my dollar store projects and Christmas is one of my favorite times to indulge. This year one of the projects I wanted to try was a new Christmas Wreath. I have made dollar store wreaths for Halloween and Spring in the past but a Christmas wreath just kept falling through the cracks. Clearly it was time to fix that!

I have always loved the Christmas bulb wreaths that others have made and wanted to incorporate that into my design along with some Christmas florals and Christmas tulle. This project is very simple and would be appropriate for even young kids though they might need help cutting the floral wire I used to attach the bulbs! Of course, you can also attach your bulbs with other easier to cut materials, since Christmas bulbs are very lightweight even pipe cleaners could work!

Dollar Store Christmas Wreath DIY Project

Supplies for a DIY christmas wreath from the Dollar Tree

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Dollar Store Christmas Wreath – Supplies

attaching a Christas bulb to a DIY Christmas Wreath

Dollar Store Christmas Wreath – Directions

I always find it best to have some sort of plan in mind when creating crafts like this! Take some time to lay your bulb selection out around the wreath form so that you can come up with a look you enjoy. Once you find a good balance for your wreath in regards to color and size you can start attaching your Christmas bulbs.

I used floral wire to attach my bulbs because I had some leftover from a previous project but I expect almost anything would work since Christmas bulbs are very lightweight. It’s highly suggested that you mix up your bulb sizes and colors so that your wreath doesn’t end up unbalanced – with all the red bulbs on one side and all the big bulbs on the top!

DIY Christmas Wreath from the Dollar Store, attaching bulbs

I did find that few of my bulbs wanted to detach themselves from the top loop when I pulled the wire a bit to tight but this was easily fixed with a touch of hot glue to help hold it together.

Folding tulle for DIY Christmas Wreath

Once your bulbs are firmly attached you can start adding your tulle. I used a mixture of red and gold and made sure the colors remained balanced by alternating them as I tied them around the wreath. Cut your tulle pieces so that they are double the length you want them to be on your wreath, fold the cut pieces in half, bunch it together and tie it onto your wreath with a piece of string, yarn or ribbon.

DIY Dollar Store Christmas Wreath from the Dollar Store

Keep adding the tulle pieces until you are happy with the fullness of your dollar store Christmas wreath. If you want to make sure that all your material pieces match, you can measure each piece as you cut – or you can just eyeball it as I did. Once you’re finished, trim off any yarn pieces that are too long and show up behind the tulle.

With your wreath mostly complete you can now use some hot glue to attach some extra decorations if you like. I used some Christmas florals, poinsettias, pine boughs, and holly berries but I expect you could also use some alternate ornaments or snowflakes too! As always I highly encourage you to make their wreath your own and have fun with it!

DIY Christmas Wreath from the Dollar Store

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  1. What a neat looking wreath! I told myself I would make a Christmas wreath this year, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet. Hopefully I can work on it soon.

    1. Author

      Don’t feel bad it took me a few years to get around to making one but it was a lot of fun once I did!

  2. This is great! I look forward to doing it with my family. Sharing a link to this post on my blog this coming week, as this is a fun family activity!

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