Home Workout Ideas For People Afraid of the Gym

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Lots of people love going to the gym, others dislike it but put up with it because they know it’s good for them in the long run. But, for some people, the thought of going to the gym is a special brand of torture – and often it’s not due to the workout! For a lot of people social anxiety, self-consciousness and worries about looking silly when unfamiliar with the equipment keep them from joining a gym. Thankfully home workout ideas like the ones below offer a good way for people afraid of the gym to stay healthy and keep active!

While joining a gym can give you access to expensive equipment that is typically unavailable at home the good news is that there are a lot of workouts and exercise options that don’t require such specialized items!

Home Workout Ideas For People Afraid of the Gym

trail running after peroneal tendonitis with my husband

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If you read this blog at all then it should be no surprise that running is one of my top suggestions for home workouts for people that are afraid of the gym. Running is the option I picked when I wanted to get into shape but didn’t have access to (or want to go to) a gym.

Running provides you a great deal of physical and mental benefits. And, while many people start off saying they ‘hate’ running, once you get past the starting hump a lot of people find this activity to be highly satisfying and almost addicting. Running is an activity that can be enjoyed in every neighborhood provided you follow some basic safety measures and requires very little in the way of gear beyond a good pair of shoes and some workout clothing.

Yoga and running


While yoga classes are incredibly popular and some people love them, thanks to the internet you can now practice this activity in the privacy of your own home. It’s very simple to find online videos to lead you through a variety of poses on youtube or another workout site. These videos are available at every skill level and are usually pretty easy to follow!

Yoga provides a lot of health benefits and is available in many styles, some more intense and some more relaxing. It’s likely that you can find one that suits your needs with a bit of hunting! Yoga is great for those on a budget as well since you really only need some comfortable clothing and perhaps a mat to enjoy it!

should runners be strength training? #running #weights #exercise #fitness #healthy #healthylife #activelife

Strength Training

If you’re really interested in gaining muscle tone then the lack of a gym doesn’t mean you have to give up on strength training! Quite the contrary, while you might be limited in regards to relly heavy weight lifting which requires some specialized equipment or a spotter there are plenty of bodyweight exercises you can enjoy.

If you don’t mind spending a little bit a good set of dumbbells or a basic weight bench can be used in your home and if you check around for sale’s can be brought at an okay price. Adding dumbbells vastly expands the variety of exercises you can do but don’t be afraid to start with bodyweight exercises and buy the dumbells as needed!


While hiking might not be considered a ‘workout’ by some people and you’ll probably have to leave your home to do it I’m listing it here because it’s a great activity that can be enjoyed by almost everyone and doesn’t require spending time under scrutiny by others. Depending on the trails you choose hiking can be strenuous or relaxing but the end result is getting outside and moving which classifies it as a form of exercise to me!

State parks make finding nicely maintained trails fairly easy and often they only charge you a very small fee for parking. Until you start thinking out overnight hikes or heading into the true wilderness areas then you really only need a good pair of shoes. Best of all you can even bring the whole family, including your dogs along with you! This makes hiking a wonderful form of family exercise that is well worth the drive out to the park!

cross training for runners swimming


Swimming is a bit of an iffy one as it does require access to a pool, beach or lake/pond. If you happen to be lucky enough to have access to these things then swimming is a really great form of exercise. This is especially true for those with joint issues!


Home Workout Ideas for People who are Afraid of the Gym! #fitness #workouts #homeworkout #exercise #healthyliving</>
Home Workout Ideas for People who are Afraid of the Gym! #fitness #workouts #homeworkout #exercise #healthyliving</>


  1. These are great ideas for those who don’t want to go at the gym. I have been working out at home for several weeks now and I feel more comfortable here than I would at a gym. Plus it saves me money since gym fees can get quite high.

    1. Author

      Gyms can be stupidly expensive and unless you go a lot the fees usually aren’t worth it! I far prefer working out at home as well…although when it’s raining or cold acsess to a treadmill for my running would be nice haha!

  2. These are great ideas! Thanks for sharing! I’m not a big fan of the gym but I absolutely love swimming and running.

    1. Author

      I feel your pain on the gym. Not really a huge fn myself though I recognize their appeal when the weather is bad!

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