Keto Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Roses

With Valentine’s day right around the corner, it can be hard to find Keto friendly versions of our favorite treats. With holidays like Valentine’s day where cardboard hearts filled with carb-heavy chocolates seem to be everywhere, it can be easy to fall off the Keto wagon. But! Although it can seem complicated, making keto friendly desserts is actually pretty easy.

These chocolate dipped strawberry roses not only look pretty but require only a few ingredients and a few minutes to make. Perfect for someone who wants a sweet treat after a romantic dinner without breaking the carb bank. In fact, you can likely enjoy this snack at less than 1g of net carbs per Strawberry (unless you use giant strawberries!)


  • Strawberries – 1 Medium Strawberry = .6g net Carbs.  1 Large Strawberry = .9g Net Carbs.
  • 100% Cacao Unsweetened Bakers Chocolate – 1g Net Carbs per 2 Squares
  • *Swerve Confectioners Sugar Replacement – 0nNett Carbs
  • *Kerry Gold Grass-Fed Butter – 0g Net Carbs

*If you are having trouble finding Swerve I have recently found it at Publix grocery stores. If you do not have a Publix near you then it can also be ordered from Amazon. Other Low-carb sweeteners can be substituted for Swerve, but I find that Swerve has the best results.

*Any butter can be used. Butter made from Grass-fed cows, however, is higher in Omega-3 fatty acids.


  1. Choose your Strawberries – Because we are going to be cutting the strawberries I found it best to choose short fat ones. You also want them to look pretty to try to avoid Strawberries with highly noticeable blemishes/green spots. Give them a good rinse.
  2. Turn your strawberries into Roses – This seems hard. Trust me it is actually quite easy once you get the hang of it. Not all your roses have to be perfect. I have not seen many perfect flowers in real life and its the thought that counts! Follow this cutting guide or make it up as you go and you will do fine! Once you have cut your strawberries put them in the fridge to stay cool while you move on to the next step.
  3. Melt your chocolate – Place the butter and chocolate squares into a small pan to melt. Since chocolate burns so easily I find it best to use a double boiler method. Fill one pot about halfway with water and let it start heating up, set a second smaller pot in the water and melt your chocolate there.
  4. Sweeten to taste – Once your chocolate has melted slowly add your sweetener until you are satisfied with the taste.
  5. Line a tray with parchment paper – Chocolate is sticky, save yourself some cleanup and use parchment paper.
  6. Dip your Strawberries – Remove your strawberry roses from the fridge. Don’t eat them! (yet).  Using a spoon (or holding them from the top if you can do so without breaking them) dip the bottom section into the chocolate until there is a cute little stripe. Transfer to the parchment paper & repeat for each strawberry. You can also use a spoon to drizzle chocolate over the strawberry ‘petals’ if you want … but I found they didn’t turn out quite as pretty.
  7. Chill Sprinkle & Serve – Chill until the chocolate has hardened ( about 15-20 minutes for mine), optionally sprinkle with a bit of Swerve and serve after supper as an amazing low carb dessert!

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