Lazy, Strict and Dirty Keto – Whats the Difference?

A collection of ingredients for lazy,strict and dirty keto

People seem to have this habit of trying to break things down into cliques. When I first started Keto I was unaware of the groups Keto people fell under. I couldn’t understand why some people would say something was ‘Keto’ and others would disagree.  It was confusing and overwhelming and honestly just a little bit off-putting. People can be very strongly opinionated when it comes to their food. The debate over lazy, strict and dirty keto rages on in the keto community and I am here to help shed some light on it for those of you just starting out.

Before I start, however, I want to make it clear that I fully support any diet choices you make which makes you feel better about yourself. Any and all positive changes in our lives should be encouraged regardless of the decisions of others.

Lazy, Strict and Dirty Keto – What’s the Difference?

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I actually hate these ‘keto types’ I believe it would be far less confusing and more welcoming to do away with these intergroup cliques entirely. However, if you are interested in Keto and want to start this way of eating then you are bound to run across them eventually, especially if you become active in keto Facebook groups. This post is not meant to steer you in any direction when it comes to Keto and all opinions on the lazy, strict and dirty Keto categories are entirely my own.

Lazy, Strict and Dirty Keto – The Breakdown

What is Lazy Keto?

Lazy Keto, in a nutshell, is where you focus on staying under 20g of net carbs a day.

While doing lazy keto it’s unlikely that you will be attempting to follow macros or count calories. You spend your time focusing on doing away with the sugars and junk food in your diet. You up your fat intake because you read that you should and stay away from fruits and high carb vegetables like potatoes. You’re probably not spending every meal calculating things into an app or if you do you only bother with the Net Carbs.

Lazy keto is great for people who get bored with endlessly trying to do the math or are easily overwhelmed and frustrated by the number game that is strict keto.

Does Lazy Keto work?

It worked for me. I have lost 51 pounds on lazy keto. I never bothered counting calories or spending a great deal of time worrying about my macros.  20g of net carbs a day will get you into ketosis and start you on the path to being fat adapted. Your ultimate Keto goal.

For most people, Lazy Keto will work for initial weight loss. It makes sense – cutting out the junk food is bound to have a positive influence on your body.  However, some people do stall out as they get closer to their weight loss goals and for others, their weight problems might be related to food like dairy or sweeteners which requires a slightly stricter way of eating.

What do I do if Lazy Keto Stops Working?

As you get closer to having a healthy body weight you might find that your weight loss slows down significantly. This is perfectly normal, the last 20 pounds I lost took almost as long as all of my previous weight. People who have less to lose just lose slower. This can be frustrating for people who have gotten used to consistent loss.

If you have gone more then 6 weeks without losing then you are officially stalled. It might be time to look at your portions and calories. it’s possible that you have reached this plateau because you are currently eating enough to maintain your new weight rather than lose more pounds. If lowering your calorie count doesn’t help you can try dropping dairy or artificial sweeteners or consider adding in some exercise. Running or strength training are good contenders in my opinion!

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What is Strict Keto?

Strict Keto is sticking to under 20g of net carbs per day while also watching your calories. Strict keto can also be a term used to coin people who really watch the ingredients in their foods. Lazy keto people often don’t mind eating a bit of wheat flour or peanuts as long as it fits in their carb count for the day. People following strict keto tend to completely cut out such ingredients. Many of them also avoid certain artificial sweeteners, mainly those with a higher glycemic index.

People on a strict Keto diet follow macros that are carefully calibrated using apps. The apps tell them how much fat/protein, carbs, and calories they should be eating in order to reach their weight loss goals.

Strict Keto is a great option for people who typically have a hard time losing weight or perform better when they have a specific goal to reach. Lots of people take great personal pride in hitting that perfect macro day – and they should! If you need that sort of motivation and daily accountability to stay on track then a stricter version of keto might be for you.

If you are looking to really cut back and feel like the rules of a more varied Keto diet are too confusing you might want to look into the Carnivore Diet – which is a bit more extreme but ultimately easier to follow since you only consume meat products.

Does Strict Keto Work?

Yes! It is, after all, lazy keto on steroids. For many people, strict keto has been the only way they achieve the final weight loss they desire. I never had to do strict keto to meet my goals but this is likely because I was able to include a good bit of exercise in my day. For people who have been stalled for a long time, are not able to exercise, or are just not seeing the results they desire then strict keto is sometimes the answer.

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What is Dirty Keto?

Dirty Keto is a term I really dislike. This term has come up recently when it started making the rounds on various Keto Facebook groups. This seems to be a new term but, I fear it might become more popular given how people like to label things.  It refers to following a Keto diet but continuing to use processed foods to do so. It can also be used to refer to following an ‘if it fits under 20g a day go for it!’ type of mantra.

I eat dirty keto. Why? Because I like wraps (using low carb tortillas) sometimes I use Carbquick to make biscuits and once in a while, I enjoy some low carb Ice cream. My diet is 1000% better then what I used to eat. I eat a lot more veggies, I use a lot more healthy fats while cooking and I no longer fill my cart with potato chips and cookies. I take issue with anyone calling that ‘dirty’.

But, even aside from that. Dirty keto is often seen as a shameful practice and it shouldn’t be. Clean eating is a wonderful standard for those blessed enough to be able to enjoy it. But not everyone can. Some people don’t have access to a good variety of nonprocessed foods and others just straight up can’t afford it.

Dirty Keto is still Keto. You are still doing a great job! You’re still taking steps to better your life.

A collection of ingredients for lazy,strict and dirty keto

My Thoughts on the Lazy, Strict and Dirty Keto Debate

I love Keto, since starting Keto at the tail end of last year my life has changed for the better. I’m doing things now that I never considered before. I’m exercising through Yoga and Running but even better I like myself again. What I don’t love is how fanatical some people can be about Keto. The same can be said for any activity – I’m a middle of the road person, I don’t enjoy the extremists of any group.

It is true that some practices in Keto work better for some than others. For some people dairy is fine, for others is stalls out weight loss. Some people do fine with artificial sweeteners others do not. Because all of our bodies are different we all react differently. Exploring these differences and finding the methods that work best for you is great and highly encouraged! I have no problems with people saying Lazy Keto didn’t give them results so they switched to strict Keto.

I only have a problem when people start demanding that the way they do things is the only right way. The only proper way. This is not true. You are making a positive change for yourself and that should be celebrated no matter how you manage to do it. Do what works for you and be proud of it! Let’s leave the lazy, strict, and dirty keto categories behind and just focus on supporting each other.


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  1. This is a really interesting read, I’ve definitely learnt something xx

      1. Thank you for this. I just started on my journey. Currently I am on Strict Keto and using an App. I need to be held accountable for myself. LOL. Hopefully one day I can get to the “dirty” Keto point.

        1. Author

          Strict works really well when your just starting out and learning the ropes! once your body becomes fat adapted and you learn what you like and what works for you then you can adapt your eating to fit your needs. Keto is far from a one size fits all way of eating! Good luck on your journey and feel free to come back with any questions you might have, I’m always here to help!

  2. I’ve never even heard of Keto but I really respect anyone who can maintain heathy eating habits especially with strict Keto, I’ve never been one to be able to count exactly whats going into my body, I just try and eat better! Thanks for such an informative post!
    Sophie – x

    1. Author

      it can be difficult to keep up with for sure! Eating better no matter if that means following Keto or just cutting out a bit of the junk food should be celebrated though! Every step in the right direction no matter how small is a positive change! I am glad you found the post informative!

  3. This was an interesting read, I honestly had no idea what keto was or anything about it before reading this. I don’t follow any type of diet or restrictive eating as I’ve had disordered eating in the past, I basically eat what I want but ensure I exercise and drink plenty of water xxx

    1. Author

      As long as your healthy that’s all that matter’s in the end and everyone has to find the way that works for them! Congrats on beating the eating disorder I know that can be a crazy hard battle.

  4. I’ve always been I intrigued by Keto diets and you’ve explained it so well! Credit to you for sticking at it and reaching your goals too!x

  5. I don’t know much about keto, but I found it very interesting to see how different people approach it, and what you think of each one. I definitely feel like I’ve learned something from reading this!

    Ps, congrats on maintaining such a healthy lifestyle and for losing so much weight on it – it sounds like keto has been a really positive thing for your life!

    1. Author

      Thank you! It really has. I feel like an entirely new person, a much better person then I was before.

    1. Author

      Thank you! I hope it helps get rid of some confusion for people!

  6. It’s awesome that you’ve lost 51 lbs from lazy keto! Having a healthy diet is so important to losing weight. Oh man, I know I’d have a hard time with strict keto but it makes sense for people who want to achieve a certain goal and need that push. Thanks for explaining the difference between the two!

    Nancy ♥

  7. I’ve heard of the Keto diet, but this helped me understand it a little bit more. It would be hard to do.. Definitely not something that is for me. I rather just try to eat mainly vegetables and fruits and lean meat. I don’t pay attention to calories or anything. Maybe I should!

  8. I’ve heard of the Keto diet but I didn’t know much detail about it so this was a great post to help shed some light on it! Unfortunately I love carbs too much to cut them down to less than 20g a day and although I know it works for a lot of people I believe carbs are what fuel your body so cutting them out and trying to do a lot of exercise can be pretty dangerous! Everyone’s body works differently though so I completely agree just find what works for you and then stick to it and you’ll reach your goals!

    Jess //

    1. Author

      Humans evolved to use ketones/fat for fuel. A high carb diet was not part of our lifestyle until we started agriculture which in scientific timelines is basically a blink of an eye historically. Carbs require less work for your body to turn into fuel so your body will use carbs before turning fat into ketones for energy. This means that if you eat a high carb diet your body will burn carbs for fuel – however, if you don’t burn said carbs off our other evolved survival trait kicks in and stores the extra ‘just in case’, because you are eating carbs your body also stores any extra fat you eat which is what causes weight gain in many people.

      When you start a keto diet you make your body remember how to use fat for fuel. Although this can slow down your exercise and energy until you transition and become fat adapted burning ketones for fuel is not at all dangerous. There are many ultra-marathoners and professional athletes who thrive on a low carb/keto diet. Because our bodies naturally have a larger store of fat then we can ever store of carbs (carb loading before a workout) many of these marathoners and athletes report they no longer ‘hit the wall’ even.

      However! If you are doing well on a carb diet and meeting your goals and like how you feel and look then absolutely keep doing you! Everyone needs to find their own path =-)

  9. I’ve heard about the Keto diet but didn’t know anything about it. Now that I’ve got an idea of what it is, I don’t think that I could only eat 20g of carbs a day, you’re very strong and determined! I wouldn’t start the Keto diet, but it was very interesting getting to know more about it =)

    1. Author

      I felt like that at the start! Everything has carbs in it seems like and I had no idea how I was going to manage to cut them out but it gets a lot easier as you go and learn the ropes!

  10. Wow! Losing 51 pounds is absolutely amazing, go girl! I’ve not really heard much about Keto before but your post is really informative and I learned a lot. It’s sounds like a really effective way to lose weight and you are proof it actually works! 💖 xx

    Bexa |

    1. Author

      Thanks so much! It is very effective for many people and I found it to be a way of eating I can stick to which is what really sold me on it. I still get to eat a lot of the stuff I love and those I can’t can usually be turned keto with only a few adjustments so that really helped! I’m glad you found the post informative!

  11. I have never heard of keto before but now I know so much. Thanks for the new knowledge.

  12. Thank you so much for the information. I like how you broke it down to describe each category. I have been eating lazy Keto for 5 days now. Again, thank you!

    1. Author

      I am glad you found it helpful! Good luck on your keto journey! Let me know if you have any Keto questions, I would be more then happy to help!

  13. Wow! You’ve lost 51 lbs. That is amazing. I have to say I have heard of Keto but never really researched it. There’s just so many different types of diets coming and going. It’s great to hear this particular diet has worked for you. Although I would probably get stressed having to count and track everything I eat. I guess if ever I would fall under the dirty keto. I do love my carbs.

    1. Author

      I used to be a bread fanatic like I was perfectly happy just eating the breadsticks that came for free at restaurants. Strangely, while it was hard in the beginning to give it up I don’t really miss it anymore. It’s weird how your tastes change after a while! I was never a counter either – it didn’t stress me out but I just couldn’t be bothered. I was perfectly willing to eat all the healthy food just not spend 15 minutes each meal trying to calculate portions into an app. I just kept a count in my head as I went and it worked pretty well. Some people need and like the trackers because of the validation and support they give, others don’t. But if it works and you’re happy then that’s all that matters in the long run!

      1. Sorry to just on comment but I’m stressing and meant to be starting tomorrow. Do you have a Facebook or Instagram I could maybe message you on Kharris?

  14. Hello Kharris.. I’m starting this dirty/lazy Keto tomorrow as I just can’t seem to get my head around strict Keto, I eat crap continuously right now so I assume it’ll work. I plan to do it for about a month to see if it’ll work for me, just after being on group on Facebook I’m getting told my protein intake is too high and that it’ll affect my weight loss? Also if of mentions of electrolytes which people are explaining to me but I can’t get my head around due to many mixed comments. So how long did it take you to loose 51lbs? Also was it literally just 20g carbs you had and tracked? Mines coming up 31g. I was planning on staying between 30-35g :/ sorry for all questions etc I’m just really wanting to do this. Thanks in advance

    1. Author

      Hello Jessica!
      I hope your Keto journey works out well for you! While a month should give you a pretty good idea of whether or not you will be able to stick with this way of eating and you should see some initial weight loss please keep in mind that it does take time for your body to adjust and some people take longer than others to get into ketosis and start seeing real results. It really depends on the diet beforehand and how much sugars and carbs you will have to clear out before your body gives up and starts producing ketones. Please also keep in mind that the first couple weeks are for sure the hardest, and this is the point where most people tell you to get your electrolytes. It helps keep the flu-like symptoms that some people get while breaking the carb addiction at bay.

      Thankfully its very simple to get your electrolytes. If you drink water there are sugar-free electrolytes powders you can add (propel is my favorite though the strict keto people will probably tell you they are bad.) You can also drink a cup of chicken or bone broth in the morning or many people swear by pickle juice though I personally can’t stomach it.

      When it comes to protein it is true that too much can hinder weight loss as your body will turn extra protein into glucose which you are trying to avoid, however, when you are just starting out I would concentrate on just cutting your carbs. When we first started we only tracked the carbs we paid no attention to calories or protein until we got a handle on our carbs. We did lose a good bit of initial weight just by limiting the carbs, this wasn’t surprising as cutting out the soda, pasta, bread and junk food in favor of veggies was a huge improvement in our eating habits! As you progress on your Keto journey you might have to tighten up your calories and protein intake as the closer you get to your goal weight the slower and harder it is to lose. The last 5 pounds took about the same amount of time for me as the first 20.

      While 20g of carbs a day is considered the Keto goal post the truth is that some people can get into and stay in Ketosis on as much as 50g of carbs a day. 20g is considered the ‘sure thing’ number but as everyone is different you might well be able to stick to 30-35 and be fine! If you lose the weight at that number then awesome! If you are not seeing the results you want you can always lower it.

      I have been on Keto a year now, I started last August at 5’4 inches and 168 pounds, by January I had lost 36 pounds (my husband lost faster, he dropped 62 in the same time frame just to show how different results can be!). I hit my goal weight and a grand total of 56Ibs lost at around the end of may, early June of this summer. I have been maintaining there for the last few months quite happily. My weight loss was relatively slow compared to my husbands and compared to what you might see on the facebook groups. But I did lose and it’s important to stay the course and keep eating healthy even if your not seeing the huge numbers others are putting out there on those groups.

      Good luck on your journey and please feel free to email me at if you have any questions I’m always here to help!

  15. I recently started the low carb/Lazy Keto WoE and follow a FB group called KETO and Low Carb recipes for beginners. I am keeping carbs low and protein low-ish and fats high but I just cannot get motivated to put every last ounce of food into some app! I have a life to lead lol.

    There are multiple groups which offer useful info, however I don’t care what other people think of Lazy Keto, if it works for me…and if it doesn’t I’ll make some adjustments and increase exercise.

    I like reading the recipes and watching the videos because I need ideas for lunch/dinner options. I also cook dinner for a husband who eats everything (in moderation) but exercises a lot and plays sport, so I want ideas on achieving both ways of eating in one meal. Eg I give him rice, pasta or potatoes and give me extra cooked veggies or a salad.

    I think that society in general has been brain washed for years by Big Agriculture and look where we are….millions of fat sick tired people, including me! Our ancestors didn’t eat pastries at breakfast or bowls of cereal, sandwiches every lunchtime and lots of pasta or potatoes for dinner. Add in all the chips, crackers, candy, fries and ice cream and we are slowly killing ourselves.

    The hardest thing for me will be staying committed to this WoE, continuing making good choices and weaning myself of lots of foods which taste nice in the moment, but are actually keeping me overweight and sluggish. I already feel better with more mental clarity and less cravings after only 2 weeks (3 lbs lost, which is ok by me). Also I am doing the 16/8 intermittent fasting approach to help kick start weight loss.

    I like your kind and middle of the road views on Keto!

    1. Author

      I know exactly where you are coming from! I love the recipes I can find in those groups too, I mean we all need a bit of inspiration now and then! I have found that staying committed gets easier as you start to really feel the changes, after a while, you look back and just think – I never want to feel like that again! Sticking to healthy eating is much easier at that point.

      I think it’s amazing that you are committing yourself to this journey with a positive and realistic mindset! I have heard a lot of people have great success with fasting and three pounds in 2 weeks is nothing to sneeze at! Great job! I’m so glad you found the article helpful =-)

      1. Thank you for your reply, I appreciate it.

        1. Author

          Your welcome! Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions as you go!

  16. In the past, without realizing it, I have done both lazy and dirty but they did not work for me. So now I am giving strict a try. Plus the reason I am going on it is my pain doctor wants me to because it reduces inflammation so I need to give up all the inflammatory foods.

    1. Author

      Those are valid reasons for sure! Everyone has to find the path that’s best for them when it comes to this sort of thing! Good luck on your journey!

  17. I am just starting out on lazy keto(and I guess i have done some dirty keto unintentionally) and someone recommended one of the lazy keto groups. I love seeing the photos and stories(very encouraging) but found that as soon as I post something… maybe I am being sensitive, but I was given the feeling if not doing it how they group is, i am doing it wrong. is alittle discouraging.

    1. Author

      Don’t be discouraged! I know how you feel, many people feel very strongly about the ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to do certain things and maybe they don’t mean to come across the way they do but I can see how it can be discouraging and hurtful to people just starting out. The facebook groups CAN be a wealth of information when you need it BUT they can also be negative at times. Honestly, Keto is very much a personal journey and what works for one person might need altering for another.

      You are taking this journey for you and in doing so you might have to experiment and tailor it to suit your life and your needs. Follow what works for you and ignore any negative nellies out there. You can do it! Feel free to email me at if you have any questions! I’m always here to help!

  18. I’m on day 14 and belong to a couple of groups, I can certainly relate to what you said, one thing is not for everyone and visa versa, some people will quote the “strict” only etc. I have found “doing my own thing” but following keto is working for me. Thanks so much, now I don’t feel as guilty as some have made me feel 🙂

    1. Author

      I am so glad the post helped you! You should never feel guilty for making a positive change in your life no matter what that change is or how you go about achieving it. All our lives are different, our journeys when it comes to health are different too!

  19. When i see the keto police come at somebody on a facebook group i chuckle.These are they same people who once knew nothing.Bottom line is keeping under 20 and knowing you are eating a much better diet than you ever have in your life.I have just passed 100 days on keto.I have lost 47 lbs.Once in a while i eat a baked sweet potato. I just eat way less carbs early in the day.( eggs are great for that). I use ranch packets. Im on this woe for diabetes.I have successfully went from a 9.6 A1c to a 5.4.I am not lactose nor gluten intolerant, I sure am insulin resistant.So one needs to remember we all dont fall in the same category for our reasons for undertaking this way of eating.

    1. Author

      That is amazing, you are doing fantastic! Great job on your journey and I love that you are keeping a realistic and positive mindset, I feel like this is the true key to making a diet or lifestyle change long-lasting rather than a short-term attempt.

  20. This article is life!! I’m in a Keto group for women on FB and made my first post thinking it would be helpful…. and oh lord did the Keto police come out and tell me what I posted was not “keto” but could “possibly” pass for Dirty Keto. I couldn’t agree more that we should just encourage folks for choosing healthier; and not make them feel like they are less than because they don’t do exactly like they do. Great piece!

    1. Author

      So glad you liked it! I too experienced something like that on a couple of facebook groups, People tend to get very passionate about these sorts of things and sometimes I don’t think they realize how hard that can be on people who are just starting out or might want to do things a bit differently.

      1. Thank you for this post. There is a lot of negativity in FB around this subject. I understand the difference between the three and wish the terms were less negative. Some folks have such a problem with change. I guess my feelings are that just because they have “always” used words doesn’t mean that they are appropriate.

        1. Author

          Me too! I really wish there were more positive alternatives and really no matter what style of Keto someone does we should be encouraging them. Positive change and eating better no matter what it’s labeled should always be encouraged! To be honest I will encourage a friend who wants to just stop drinking soda just as much as I will encourage someone who wants to change their entire diet!

  21. Thank you for pointing out that not all of us can financially afford strict keto! I just started two weeks ago and have lost 11 pounds on “dirty” keto. Fresh vegetables, almond flour, mct oil, etc is all very expensive. Someday maybe, but for now dirty it is. Thanks for the great explanation!!

    1. Author

      So glad that you have found a way to get healthier and stay within budget. It can be a challenge for sure! Good luck on your Keto journey!

  22. Thank you for this explanation! I wish to start a Keto Diet. I read a book about a 30 day cleanse, but it seemed so complicated and seemed to require a 100 percent change in my lifestyle, including massive amounts of cooking, which I overwhelmed me. Then a friend of mine signed me up for a Dirty, Lazy Keto Facebook group, but that was not helpful either. Then I saw your website, and I see that Lazy Keto is the diet for me!!! Thank heavens! Also, your own success on lazy keto is inspirational. I won’t worry about all that other stuff unless or until I’m ready for it.

    PS I don’t mean to be critical of other versions, and I want to try some of the recipes in the 30 day book, but for me, a simple, flexible version is the kind I’m most likely to stick with.

    1. Author

      Thank you so much for your kind words! I’m so glad you found the post helpful! The different styles of keto really do appeal to different kinds of people, some people need strict rules and regulations to stay on track and others need a bit of flexibility. I find the flexible path is more realistic for me to follow as well. Do what best suits you and good luck! You can do it!!

      1. I don’t really consider what you’re doing dirty keto, more like lazy keto. To me, dirty keto would be living on fast food (without buns) and diet soda.

        1. Author

          I am generally considered dirty keto because I don’t have a problem using things like low carb wraps and artificial sweeteners in some desserts. Pretty much if you use processed ingredients then the really strict people will consider you dirty keto.

  23. Great read! I’ve been thinking about doing Keto for a while now but I just can’t bring myself to eat so much fat. I wonder if doing lazy/dirty would work then? Is it a lot of meal prep? I’ll never count macros lol. Congrats on your success!

    1. Author

      I don’t do a lot of meal prep to be honest, though I know some Keto people who do! If you want to make the desserts and keto bread it can be more time consuming but your basic Keto meal is just meat and veggies so it’s no more troublesome then our pre-keto meals! It does take a bit more thought if you plan on taking lunches to work or eating out but most restaurants have decent Keto friendly options nowadays (and worst case you can always get a burger and ditch the bread)

      That said I have always been someone who cuts the fat off her steak (still do) so going Keto doesn’t mean you suddenly have to start eating a tonne of it. Typically I just drizzle some olive oil on my veggies before roasting them, use heavy cream in my coffee and pat some butter on my steak as it cooks. I have become a fan of avocado eggs and snack on almonds which also add healthy fats! You can’t be afraid of fat on Keto but you don’t have to feel like your eating grease either!

  24. Thank you for explaining that! What would you consider as maintenance after losing the weight you want? I’ve reached my goal (YAY!), now what do I do?

    1. Author

      Hey Kim! Congrats on reaching your goal weight! That’s amazing! There are several options for maintaining after reaching goal weight. I chose to continue eating keto but upped my calories so I was no longer in a deficit. You can find some other details and options in this post –

  25. I started Keto using Suzanne Ryan’s book and doing her monthly menu the best I could. I am the only one and the recipes are for 4 or 6 servings so I have extra in the freezer. To me Keto is Keto. Yes I try to stay between 5 to 14g of carbs but usually end up with 15-17. I use an app and put all my food into it and still have a hard time getting enough fat and making sure my protein is low enough. But since April 1st I have gone from 227 to 186.7 and my ketones read anywhere from 1.2 to 2.5 steadily so I’m doing something right.

    1. Author

      It sounds like you are doing amazing on your journey so far! I never worried too much about hitting my fat goals – just made sure I stayed under on carbs and met my protein and it worked well! Since what you’re doing seems to be working great I’d just keep it up! I have never heard of those books before but thanks for mentioning them! I’m sure some other readers and commenters might find them useful too!

  26. I really enjoyed this post. I confused the keto police. I don’t care if I lose weight, I am at healthy weight and just don’t like my body fat to muscle ratio. I asked for easy ideas to help me slowly make changes to my diet, and wanted to start at a higher carb number between 40 and 50, with some weight training, and got comments about staying under 20, like I hadn’t already done my research in that area already. I love low carb wraps, because they only require me to replace my bread. These are changes that are easy and can be implemented one step at a time. Rebel ice cream is amazing. For me the changes have to make sense and feel natural for me to stick with them. I know many people jump into keto with both feet, but that will not work for me, and many people in the community are so entrenched the best way. I am just looking for better.

    1. Author

      I have always felt that any positive change to the way we live should be celebrated and if people just want to make a few quick changes and are happy with the results then I think that’s awesome. Ignore the keto police and just keep doing you!

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