Making Fathers Day Special on a budget

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Making fathers day special can be a bit of a challenge in our house! Although we don’t do anything expensive for Mother’s or Father’s day we do try to make it special. Since Mother’s Day falls during the school year it’s pretty simple. The kids always make things for me at school and I take the night off cooking while my husband BBQ’s. But, Father’s day falls when my kids are out of school, so he misses out on the cute things they would be bringing home. Last year the school held a Donuts with Dad day right before school let out. But this year, I’m completely on the hook!

I don’t want him to completely miss out or feel less appreciated in our family so I try my best to make up for it with home crafts. The kids really enjoy coming up with project ideas too! Since the kids are 9 and 6 respectively the projects have to be relatively simple. They also have to be doable at home (no ceramic bowls for dad since I don’t know how to build a kiln!) and easy to hide while we work on them. Thankfully I have a good stockpile of art supplies thanks to this blog and my husband isn’t really the search through the closets type.

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Idea’s for Making Fathers Day Special.

Making Fathers Day special on a budget. #fathersday #budget #dad #fathers #family #kids

Cook his Favorite Meal or Dessert

Everyone loves food. And everyone has a favorite food! It’s nice to be surprised with a favorite on special days. On Mother’s day, I take the day off cooking and while we enjoy all of our family favorite meals it’s rare that we make a meal solely designed to please one person. Father’s Day is the exception. Making father’s day special is all about dad. His favorite meal, his favorite dessert, and his favorite drink all waiting for him at supper time.

While we like to have these special meals together at the table maybe your dad would prefer to eat his in front of the T.V with his favorite show or sports on. Whatever floats dad’s boat is whats important here.

DIY Letters/Cards or Dad Fill in the Blanks

Fathers Day

Nobody gets handwritten letter’s anymore. It can be a nice gesture to let the kids write or dictate a letter to dad! Since I live far away from my Mother I wrote her a digital letter on the blog. This can also be quite lovely! If your kids prefer a more artsy approach then a handmade card combined with a dad based fill in the blank paper can be just as much fun!

Not familiar with the fill in the blank paper’s? My kids bring them home from school every Mother’s Day. They are simple statements and questions that your kids personalize by filling in the blanks. These easy to do papers can be quite hilarious and often bring a smile to everyone. Most of these questions are pretty basic such as – My Dad’s favorite color is _____ and Dad’s Favorite Food is _______.


This is a very easy project to make and print with any word document program. However, if you don’t have the time or are having trouble coming up with questions there are quite a few pre-made ones available online. You can get a cute one from fellow blogger Toni, over at Becoming Schultz by going Here and subscribing.

DIY Craft Projects

fathers day craft project

Kids love to make things! Crafting is fun even if it is messy and when you’re a parent those cute made at homes gifts just can’t be beaten. The truth is that we only get them for a few short years. All to soon the kids grow up and colored pictures and handprint paintings become gift cards and other store-bought gifts.

There is nothing wrong with store-bought gifts, they are normally picked out with great care but I know in my heart that I will greatly miss these sweet little drawings and scribbles when my kids grow up. All these clay sculptures, paintings, and construction paper cards will hold a sentimental value in my heart that nothing store-bought can ever match. If your kids are still little take advantage of these years to create memories that will last forever.

The creating and giving of gifts is an important value that all kids should learn. Everyone loves to get gifts but teaching your children to enjoy the process of giving for the sole purpose of making someone else happy is a wonderful life lesson. Day’s like Father’s and Mother’s day are the perfect times to bring this lesson home.

In Conclusion

Making Fathers Day special doesn’t have to break the bank. Although large gifts are nice – and everyone loves them, they are not necessary to show appreciation. Your kids will have just as much fun creating beautiful homemade gifts as they would have getting something for him at the store and Dad is sure to love it just as much!

What Does Your Family do for Fathers Day?

Making Fathers Day special on a budget. #fathersday #budget #dad #fathers #family #kids< />
Making Fathers Day special on a budget. #fathersday #budget #dad #fathers #family #kids< />


  1. Great picture of Dad! I know he will love the pictures the girls made for him 😘

  2. This is so sweet, I love how you take the initiative to make sure Father’s Day is properly celebrated and love the ideas you came up especially making the favorite meals idea because who doesn’t love some good food haha! Great post!xx

  3. Love these ideas to make Father’s Day more special than it already is. I like the idea of having dad fill in the blanks! It is like playing mad libs – very interactive! I like the idea of craft projects because fathers tend to enjoy being hands-on. Thanks for sharing these ideas!

    Nancy ♥

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