Review of the Renaissance Resort at World Golf Village

review of the renaissance resort at world golf village

I can’t remember the last time that our family got to go on a real deal vacation! For the most part, we fill our summers with day trips and local attractions. There are many fun memories to be made, but a part of me has always wanted to see something new. Thanks to the wonderful Marriot rewards program and the points my husband has managed to accumulate while traveling for work, we were able to stay at this beautiful resort. I couldn’t have imagined a nicer getaway. I knew as soon as we left that I had to do a review of the Renaissance Resort at World Golf Villiage. If you plan on staying in St. Augustine or Jacksonville then I highly recommend you consider these accommodations.

Review of The Renaissance Resort at World Golf Village, Flordia

review of the renaissance resort at world golf village

Although we had looked up pictures before booking our stay we were wholly unprepared for just how big this place was. The World Golf Villiage is a massive property with lots to do. Although it’s obvious that this place caters to golfers and I am not one, I still found the sights and attractions completely worthwhile. The property is beautiful from the moment you turn off the highway until you roll up to the hotel itself.

Although there are several accommodation options at the World Golf Villiage we chose to stay at The Renaissance Resort which is the largest. It’s a highly impressive building with a beautiful vibe both inside and out. If you are afraid of heights you might want to consider lower floor accommodations as the interior features glass elevators and large windows overlooking the balconies.

The Lobby of the hotel is very relaxing, featuring numerous water features and cozy places to sit. A Store with Starbucks coffee and souvenirs/ snacks is readily available along with a lounge, sports bar, and restaurant. The lobby area is so beautiful that I fully admit to wandering about and taking pictures at the designated ‘Selfie spots’.  The kids (who are not afraid of heights like I am) were completely blown away by the elevator ride up to the room. We stayed on the 8th floor which provided a beautiful view even if I was too chicken to actually go out on the balcony to fully experience them!


Review of the Renaissance Resort at World Golf Villiage – Rooms

Our party of 6 had two rooms, one for my husband, myself and the kids. The second one for my mother and brother. Our room had a king sized bed and we requested a cot for the kids. The second one had two twin beds. Although check in was not until later in the afternoon the hotel was amazing and accommodated our early arrival without any issues.

The rooms were laid out practically the same and were spacious and clean with lots of storage space to keep our various bags out of the way. Storage space might not be something you consider when booking a room but when your traveling with kids it’s really helpful! I have included a quick walkthrough video of the of our room in case your curious!

Review of the Renaissance Resort at World Golf Villiage – Hotel Amenities


There is so much to do at this Resort that I fully understand why some people go on vacation and spend the majority of the time at their hotels. The Renaissance Resort features full room service and a signature restaurant called the Villagio Grille which has an Italian flair. Menus are provided in each room and you can even order your breakfast to be delivered at a specific time by hanging a sign on your door. It really doesn’t get any easier!

If you were just looking for a snack or wanted to splurge on your morning coffee the Resort Shop offered Starbucks and everything from Ice Cream to chips, chocolate, and muffins. According to the kids, the Cinnabuns were amazing.

For drinks in the evening, the Bar at Villagio has a pretty good selection that’s sure to please everyone.

Business Center & Internet

Since even on vacation I like to keep up with the blog, emails and social accounts I was pleased to find a fully staffed business center on site and suitably fast internet in the rooms. The room TVs were Netflix and Hulu capable so the kids were easily entertained by their favorite shows in the evening.

Pool, Hot Tub & Playground

review of the renaissance resort at world golf village - pool area

The kid’s favorite location was, of course, the pool and hot tub. Though they also stopped to hang out at the playground that is nestled right beside it. The pool large, clean and has a shower and washroom nearby. I can’t tell you how much I appreciated not have to trek through the hotel everytime one of the kids had to use the washroom! Landscaped with palm trees, beautiful flowers and fountains in the background I probably could have spent the entire time lounging by the pool.

Fitness Room, Sauna & Massages

While I did not take advantage of the fitness room or Sauna I did go and investigate it out of curiosity. The fitness room was spacious and fully equipped with everything you could need to stay in shape during your stay. The sauna was attached to the workout room. Both could be accessed 24/7 with the use of your room key.

If getting a massage happens to be on your bucket list then you’re in luck. Although there is no spa on site you can book an in-suite massage either as an individual or as a couple. This seems like a perfect way to relax after an afternoon of exploring or golfing.

Review of the Renaissance Resort at World Golf Villiage – Property Amenities

World Golf Hall of Fame & IMAX

review of the renaissance resort at world golf village - World Golf Hall of Fame

Even if your not a golfer this is worth the visit. With many interactive exhibits including a virtual simulator and 18 holes putting course its fun for everyone. Even better? It’s only a short walk down a beautiful pathway from the Renaissance Resort.

It also happens to be the home of the properties IMAX Theatre which features a good variety of shows and seems to have something suitable for almost every age and interest!


Although the hotel itself only offers massages there is a spa in the World Golf Villiage. It is located about 5 miles from the hotel and offers a variety of services.

Golf Courses

review of the renaissance resort at world golf village - Golf Course

The World Golf Village features one onsite golf course with a second one very close by. Both are championship courses which were designed by famous golfers. I am not a golfer and was not about to attempt to become one during this trip! But! The courses were beautiful!

The Caddy Shack

review of the renaissance resort at world golf village - Caddy Shack

If you have had your fill of the Resort Resturant you might want to check out the Caddy Shack. This was the flagship restaurant for Bill Murry and family and offers a casual atmosphere and a great menu!

Review of the Renaissance Resort at World Golf Villiage – Relaxing

review of the renaissance resort at world golf village - night walk

Regardless of your personal preferences, it seems this property has something for everyone. My husband even enjoyed a 5-mile sunrise run along the gorgeous property trails. Sit by the pool, go shopping or just take a romantic walk along the globe lit walkways at night. Whatever your pleasure this place will meet the requirements!

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  1. Wow! This resort looks huge! There is so much to see and do! I’m impressed there is an IMAX there too. The place looks so pretty and the pool looks amazing. I imagine you could be entertained here for ages. Thank you for sharing, it sounds like you had a wonderful time 💖 xx

    Bexa |

    1. Author

      It really is huge! My husband went on a 5-mile run and only saw a portion of the place. I never really understood why people go on vacation and just hang out at the resorts – but I do now!

  2. Sounds like a lovely trip! The resort is amazing. So much to see, and do. Thank you so much for sharing! ☺️

  3. This is so incredibly helpful and informative! Thank you so much for sharing!

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