DIY Easter Centerpiece, A Bunny in a Basket.

DIY Easter Centerpiece, Bunny in a Basket

It’s crazy to think that it’s already time to start thinking about Easter! In a lot of area’s I know the snow is still blowing and thoughts of spring chicks and bunnies might be few and far between – but trust me! It will be here before you know it! I don’t know if it’s getting older, having kids or always looking ahead thanks to the blog but time just seems to go faster and faster every year and I know for a fact that if I don’t start preparing for holidays early I’ll be completely rushed and stressed out when they catch me by surprise. To that end, I have already pulled out my spring and Easter decor. Today’s project will be the perfect addition! I know there are a lot of tutorials out there for making a bunn in a pot but those are generally bunny butts! While cute – I wanted my bunny looking at me and I wanted it to be budget friendly so this DIY Easter Centerpiece is a dollar store bunny in a basket!

DIY Easter Centerpiece, A Bunny in a Basket.

DIY Easter Centerpiece- Supplies

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DIY Easter Centerpiece – Supplies

From the Dollar Store

  • A cute flower pot – The Dollar Tree has a pretty good variety of these! The selection varies from your typical terra cotta to brightly colored plastic or farmhouse like metal. I picked out a cute tin looking one for this project.
  • A stuffed bunny – Stuffed bunnies are not in short supply around Easter so pick out the one you like the look of! It doesn’t have to be realistic, I saw some really cute and purple ones out there!
  • Fake Moss – Generally easy to find in the crafting aisle. There are usually green and brown variants so pick what you like!
  • Fake Mossy Rocks (Optional) –  These probably aren’t completely necessary, your fake moss should hide the building supplies just fine but I found they added a bit of character!
  • A foam brick – For sticking your florals into! Try to find one that fits into your pot but if you can only find large ones they cut really easily!
  • Selection of Spring florals – I might have gone a bit crazy with the florals for my pot but really can you have too many flowers? Pick out some you love!

$1 Craft Supplies at Dollar Tree!

From Home

  • Strong Scissors
  • Potentially a glue gun & glue sticks – I was originally going to glue my bunny into place but my youngest daughter was quite appalled by this idea so we skipped it and it turned out m bunny didn’t need it anyway. Depending on the type of plushie you choose it might be different for you!

DIY Easter Centerpiece – Directions

DIY Easter Centerpiece Step one

Step 1

Stick your bunny in the pot. Ideally, you should have made sure it fits before you picked it but if it needs some trimming you have scissors and Hot Glue! (Just don’t let your kids know! Mine was not happy with the idea and thankfully I didn’t have to give Mr. Bunny a bit of plastic surgery anyways) Make sure to position your bunny in a way that you like. I wanted the face to show and to hide the glittery sequins on his belly! Glue your bunny into place if you need too!

DIY Easter Centerpiece Step 2

Step 2

Cut your foam brick to size and place it in the pot behind your bunny. I found the foam brick worked well when it came to securing my bunny into place so I didn’t have to glue him down. Make sure you can push it down far enough so that you can’t see it over the rim of your pot.

DIY Easter Centerpiece - cut florals

Step 3

Trim your Florals. The flowers I picked came in large bunches and while that usually works fine for vases I really wanted to mix the flowers together for this project. I used some strong scissors to cut them apart until I had individual blooms and greenery.

DIY Easter Centerpiece - cut florals

Step 4

Arrange your florals by pressing the stems into the foam brick. feel free to take them out and rearrange as much as you want, the foam brick and any holes you make won’t be seen! You can use as many or as little flowers as you like! I added quite a few flowers to mine but I wanted something cute and cheery!

DIY Easter Centerpiece - Add moss

Step 5

Once you have your flowers arranged the way you like, use your fake moss and mossy stones to fill in any gaps around the edges of your pot and hide any parts of the foam brick that you can still see. Fake moss is very messy to work with. I suggest doing this step outside or on a hard surface that’s easy to sweep clean. At the very least lay down some plastic that you can just wrap up and trash afterward.

Step 6

Put your DIY Easter Centerpiece out for display and marvel at your amazing creation!

DIY Easter Centerpiece - Completed project

Have you planned any DIY Easter projects yet?

DIY Easter Centerpiece from the Dollar Store #Easter #crafts #Arts #easterdecor #Dollarstore #dollartree #homedecor #easterdecorations< />
DIY Easter Centerpiece from the Dollar Store #Easter #crafts #Arts #easterdecor #Dollarstore #dollartree #homedecor #easterdecorations< />

$1 Craft Supplies at Dollar Tree!


  1. This turned out so cute. I so rarely decorate for Easter, but something like this would be nice.

    1. Author

      I don’t do a lot for Easter either, not like I do for Christmas or Halloween but I do like to set out a few cute things!

  2. This is so cute! I just bought a bunny from Dollar Tree last week and was wondering how to use it. Now I know! 😁

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