DIY Spring Planter from the Dollar Tree

DIY Spring Planter from the Dollar Tree

I have to say I love my trips to the Dollar Tree. All those supplies for such a cheap and affordable price just get’s my creative juices flowing. For this month’s DIY Dollar Tree craft I knew I wanted to do something spring related. It might not be spring quite yet, but it’s close enough! Fortunately, the Dollar Tree had me covered, they had just pulled out all their spring planting and gardening supplies. A DIY Spring Planter seemed like the perfect choice for this spring oriented craft.

This craft requires pretty much no artistic talent what so ever. If you can use a glue gun and bend a bit of garden stake your good to go! It is also highly customizable, with many options when it comes to pot colors, stakes, sizes and plants. The Dollar Tree even has soil and seeds for sale if you go for flowers over succulents. I planted succulents because I still had some soil and cuttings left from my last order from Cacti Creations. If you are in the market for succulents I highly recommend checking them out! Especially if you are looking for a variety of different plants and colors.

DIY Spring Planter

DI Spring Planter from the dollar Tree


  • 1 Planter Base
  • 1 large pot
  • 6 small pots
  • 1 Garden Stake of choice (I used a butterfly but there were also flowers, suns, birds & frogs in my store).
  • 1 Decoration item of choice (I used a lantern – but the Dollar Tree had cute little glass frogs and even some Fairy Garden items if you would prefer those).
  • Soil
  • Seeds or plants (you can get seeds at the Dollar Tree but if you want other plants you might have to make a stop somewhere else).
  • Glue Gun
  • Glue Sticks


DIY Spring Planter. Pot Set-up

DIT Spring Planter glue instruction
Gluing the stake to your large pot.

This is a very simple project to complete! But it will look great on your porch or on a coffee table if you plant indoor plants! You can choose to copy the planter I made or just use it for inspiration and customize your own. The options are limitless.

  1.  Lay out your pots so that you have an idea of how they will sit. They might vary from mine based on the size and shape of pot you buy. Fiddle with them until you like the way they look. I made some of my pots look slightly tipped for extra fun.
  2. Once you have your pots laid out the way you like you can decide on a position for your garden stake. I was slightly afraid of breaking the stake, but, it proved pretty durable. I was able to bend it several times until it sat the way I wanted. Make sure at least some of your stake rests against your large pot. You don’t have to cut the stake to size, just bend the extra length so that it rests in the bottom of your planter base. Keep the height of your plants in mind while placing your stake.
  3. Use your glue gun and glue your garden stake to the large pot. Use a lot of glue, the stakes are not heavy but you want it to stay put.
  4. Fill your planter with soil, place your decoration and plants!
  5. Marvel at the beautiful spring planter you have created.

DIY Spring Planter from the Dollar Tree

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Have you created a planter? Show me a pic below! I love looking at them!

A Spring planter< />
A Spring Planter< />


  1. Yessss! There’s soooooo much you can do with stuff from dollar tree!!☺

    1. Author

      Right? I could wander in Dollar Tree store for hours thinking up ideas. Well … if my husband and kids weren’t always waiting for me to get out! haha

  2. This looks great! I definitely need to try something like this in a couple of months when it’s warm enough out to plant things. Will have to pick up supplies at the dollar store then next time I’m in the city.

    1. Author

      I mean, any excuse to visit a Dollar Store am I, right? Link me a picture if you make one!

    1. Author

      I know! It always surprises me what can be made from Dollar Store items!

    1. Author

      Send me a picture if you do! I love seeing what others come up with!

  3. These are very pretty, I wish I was as creative! X

    1. Author

      I find creativity is like anything else, the more you try to use it the more it grows! I know when I stopped doing crafty things for a while it was harder to come up with idea’s or see the potential in items but as I went along it became much easier =-)

  4. What a cute idea! I definitely need to try something like this!

    1. Author

      Thanks! Mostly..its a lot of trial and error. No one sees the many crafting and DIY failures in the house haha!

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