Easter Round-up, Some Idea’s to Keep You Hopping

Easter is quickly approaching and I think we can all use a bit of hoppy fun this year! While you might not be able to take the kids to any local egg hunts there are plenty of fun crafts, treats, and projects that you can do at home! Whenever possible I highly suggest ordering the supplies for these online and if you do need to make a trip to the store, please make sure that you follow all the recommended CDC guidelines to help keep you, your family and those around you safe!

Easter Round-up, Some Idea’s to Keep You Hopping

Ester craft and treat ideas.

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Easter Treats

Baking is a great way to spend some fun time with the kids and in my personal opinion, it can double as a math lesson if you make them measure out the ingredients (for those trying to keep skills current!). Making treats with the family can be a messy affair but no one complains when they get to eat the goodies later on!

Cream cheese peanut butter balls

Bunny Tails

These delicious treats are pretty simple to make but if you have some trouble finding a few of the ingredients you can easily substitute some regular sugar-free chocolate chips or dark baking chocolate sweetened with your favorite sweetener for the white chocolate coating. The kids love sprinkling on the shredded coconut and the peanut butter/cream cheese filling is delicious and keto-friendly!

You can find the entire recipe and directions here – Bunny Tails

Birds Nest Cookies

The original recipe for these birds nest cookies is not keto-friendly but my kids love them so we still make them as a special treat every year for them to enjoy. Of course, you could make them keto-friendly with the following substitutions.

  • Sugar —> Sweetener of Choice (I suggest swerve Confectioners)
  • Milk —> 1/2 Heavy Whipping cream, 1/2 water
  • Rolled Oats —–> More Flaked Coconut OR Unsweetened Shredded Coconut with Almond Flakes if this is too much coconut flavor for you.
  • Mini Cadbury Eggs —-> Sugar-Free Jellybeans/Hard Candies

You can find the original recipe here – Birds Nest Cookies

Keto Meringue Cookies

Keto Meringue Cookies

While these Meringue cookies were originally made for the 4th of July they lend themselves well to easter too! They are light and crunchy and the perfect sweet treat! Since it’s likely we have all nabbed some food coloring or dye to make Easter Eggs already then it’s a simple thing to change up the colors for these cookies to make them pretty and pastel for easter!

With some clever piping and some yellow food coloring, I bet you could even make them into Meringue chicks! Who needs sugar-laden peeps when you can make your own fun version?

You can find the full recipe for these delightfully crunchy and colorful cookies here – Keto Meringue Cookies

DIY Easter Craft - Supplies

Easter Crafts

Decorating for Easter can be a lot of fun, who doesn’t love bright spring colors and cute fuzzy critters? And while you’re sure to find a lot of decorations available online why not try your hand at creating some of your own! Turn it into an art project by involving the kids!

DIY Easter Craft a bunny from jars

Cute DIY Glass Easter Bunny

We’ve all seen the globe snowmen at Christmas but what about a glass globe bunny for Easter! This project was a lot of fun and I’m willing to bet that you can find a lot of the supplies online or stored away in your home already. By being creative I’m sure that any hard to find items can be substituted without too much trouble!

You can find the full tutorial here – DIY Easter Craft

DIY Easter Centerpiece, Bunny in a Basket

DIY Easter Centerpiece

Add some fun to your tabletop with this really easy DIY centerpiece idea! With a bit of thought, I bet you can create a fun centerpiece using items found in your home – old bunny plushies from Easter’s past, a flower pot and some fake flowers are perfect! If you don’t have any fake flowers in your home then I suggest getting the kids to color on some paper and creating – paper flowers! If not then I’m sure you can find a lot of this online!

You can see the full tutorial for inspiration here – DIY Easter Centerpiece

An Easter vase designed using items from the DollarTree

Easter Vase

If you happen to have an old vase and some ribbon lying around this Easter vase might offer you a bit of inspiration! If not then these items are readily available online and the craft itself is very simple to make! Adding a bit of fun to any coffee table, nightstand or end table in your home with bright and colorful flowers is a wonderful way to bring a bit of cheer and color into our homes! Kids will love helping you make the cute bunny face and don’t worry if you don’t happen to have any pompoms hanging around, they can just as easily create it with paper, cardstock, cotton balls and anything else you can dig up! As will all crafting, personalizing the project based on what you have available is half the fun!

You can see our full tutorial for inspiration here – Easter Vase


Easter Round-up, Some ideas to keep you hopping! #easter #easter2020 #eastercrafts #eastertreats #estereggs #easterfun #family #kids</>
Easter Round-up, Some ideas to keep you hopping! #easter #easter2020 #eastercrafts #eastertreats #estereggs #easterfun #family #kids</>


  1. How cute is your DIY Easter centerpiece, it’s totally adorable! Thank you for sharing all these cute and creative ideas, Kristin! I am feeling even more excited for Easter now. Next week I am baking some mini egg Easter cupcakes which I am really looking forward to. Those Bird’s Nest cookies look really fun to make, so delicious and chocolatey! This is such a brilliant post, thank you for sharing all these awesome suggestions! <3 xx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com

  2. So many great ideas to still bring that Easter feeling into the home without having to run to the store. I need to make a batch of those bird nest cookies.

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