Keto Chocolate Bars from Kiss My Keto

Keto Chocolate Bars from Kiss My Keto

I might have committed to a Keto lifestyle last year but I fully admit to being a full-fledged chocolate lover. Don’t get me wrong, the benefits of my new way of eating fully outweigh my desire for a chocolate bar but every now and then I do miss them! That’s pretty normal I think, my husband admits to missing potatoes so we all have our weaknesses. To combat his potato cravings we substitute with cauliflower which tends to work pretty well. To combat my chocolate cravings? I’ve tried many things and while I’ve found some decent substitutes I’m always willing to try some new ones. There was no way I was going to turn down the chance to sample a keto chocolate bar from Kiss My Keto.

Keto Chocolate Bars from Kiss my Keto

Keto Chocolate Bars

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Keto Chocolate Bars – Initial Impressions

A lot of the keto friendly chocolate I have tried tends to come in one variety. Dark. I don’t mind dark chocolate, in fact, I have started to like it but other options would be lovely! I was really happy to find out that Kiss My Keto offers a bit more variety. The Keto chocolate bars they sent me have three flavors – Chocolate Peanut Butter, Chocolate Coconut & Chocolate Cookie Dough. I have to admit that it was a hard choice when it came to picking the flavor I wanted to try, in the end, the Chocolate Peanut Butter won out. It’s rare that you can go wrong with chocolate and peanut butter!

The keto macros on these bars are pretty good. Each bar works out to be about 20g of fat, 9g of protein and 3g of carbs. The fat makes them a great snack if you’re feeling hungry and since they are individually packed bars they would be great for people who need snacks for work! However, since they are chocolate, keeping them in the car would probably require the use of a lunchbox and cold pack.

Keto chocolate Bars - Ingredients

Keto Chocolate Bars – Ingredients

While a lot of the sugar-free chocolate on the market are sweetened with maltitol these bars use Stevia and Erythritol. Maltitol doesn’t bother me quite as much as others have reported but eating too much of it does make me a bit gassy. This means that I’m willing to indulge in a bit of sugar-free chocolate without much fear. For some people, however, maltitol causes quite a bit of distress.

Erythritol is my favored sweetener when it comes to baking so I was fine seeing it in these bars. Although too much erythritol can cause a strange cooling effect for some people (me included) I have learned through trial and error just how much to use in order to avoid this effect and I was willing to give these bars a chance.

It was the stevia that gave me a bit of pause. I hate stevia. I know it’s one of the best sweeteners according to many strict keto followers but I just can’t get past the horrific aftertaste. Many of my keto friends swear that it’s the bulk fillers which cause the after taste and that if used properly there’s no aftertaste at all.

Thankfully the keto chocolate bar I tried seemed to prove them right! The bar was perfectly sweet and chocolaty tasting without either the cooling effect of erythritol or the terrible aftertaste of the stevia.

The rest of the ingredients in the bars all seem to be easily identifiable. I can read the list and understand what’s included without having to do a google search for strange chemical compounds. The ingredients include items such as chicory root fiber, unsweetened chocolate, and whole egg powder.

The bar does contain nuts so people with nut allergies do need to steer clear.

keto chocolate bars

Keto Chocolate Bars – Final Thoughts

Overall I enjoyed the keto chocolate bar I tried. Kiss My Keto has done a really good job in making these bars macro friendly and also taste good! The peanut butter filling could have been a bit richer tasting and it was slightly chewier then I would have liked (kind of reminiscent of a protein bar?) But! It was far better tasting then any protein bar I have tried.  Don’t get me wrong, the bar was closer to a chocolate bar than a protein bar but I couldn’t think of anything else to compare the filling too!

Although I can’t speak for any of the other flavors I enjoyed this bar enough that I will likely order them to give them a try. They would make an excellent addition to my husband’s lunches at work. Finding good portable options for lunches can be a challenge on Keto. Having these on hand would certainly make life easier!

Keto Chocolate Bars

Give these Keto Chocolate Bars a Try!

You can find the bars here – Kiss My Keto 

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Keto Chocolate Bars by Kiss My Keto, A Product Review #Keto #ketochocolate #ketosnacks #ketoproducts #productreview< />


  1. The chocolate keto bars looks so delicious. I would love to try them.

  2. Giving up chocolate is hard, so I can see the appeal of these bars. I am glad to hear that you found a keto friendly chocolate bar so that you can give into those chocolate cravings without breaking your diet.

    1. Author

      I know right? Chocolate is amazing so the effort to find good chocolate is worth it!

  3. I’ve just started my approach to the Keto diet, I believe these bars would be a huge help in transitioning to it!

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