Valentine’s Day Gift Guide. Ideas to Inspire.

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Coming up with gift idea’s can be challenging, especially if you don’t want to follow the tried and true chocolate and flowers route. Don’t get me wrong I love both chocolate and flowers, in fact, I probably love chocolate more then I should with my keto lifestyle! But! Every now and then it’s nice to give or receive something a little bit different. If you are stuck for idea’s – either for your significant other or for yourself (because why not make Valentine’s day special even if you don’t have a significant other?!?) Then this Valentine’s Day gift guide is here for you!

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide. Idea’s to Inspire.

Valentines day Gift Guide flowers

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Valentines Day Gift Guide – A twist on the usual


For most of us, you can’t really go wrong with chocolate! It’s pretty much a staple food group. But everyone gets those red heart boxes and mixed samplers on Valentine’s day. Why not do something a little bit different and order a personalized label for your gift. The extra effort and detail are sure to melt hearts and placing your order couldn’t be simpler on Amazon.

Of course, some of us are trying not to indulge in the typical sugar filled chocolate available at most places. For those following a Keto or Low Carb way of life then you can always order a few Chocolate snack bars from places like Kiss My Keto instead of using regular bars.  Don’t forget to use our Code to get a discount too – TALESFROMHOME


While we are on the topic of typical gifts, flowers are great but you know what’s better? Especially for tired moms? Quiet time. why not combine the two and give her both with some organic, bath bombs spiced up with dried flowers? If she’s not into dried flowers then you can go the artsy route and pick out some pretty flower shaped ones instead!

Valentines Day Gift Guide


Some people love jewelry so this is always a good standby gift. However, rather than running out to your typical big box store why not shop around for something a bit more unique. Like the chocolates mentioned above adding a bit of personalization to the piece can really make a difference.

If your significant other is fond of supporting smaller shops then the internet is full of wonderfully handcrafted jewelry for you to look through. Shops such as are chock-full of pieces like my blue druzy necklace that would make anyone more than happy!

Valentines Day Gift Guide – Give the gift of an Experience. Together.

Spa passes are great and if your both into that sort of thing I imagine they can be a fun experience for both of you. However, if your looking for something a bit outside the box then take a look in your local area. Cupcake and cake decorating parties have become popular with many bakeries. A Lot of galleries offer group guided painting nights (with and without alcohol!) that can be a lot of fun!

If you happen to live in a spot that doesn’t offer such things then there is no need for despair. You can order a box from Hello Fresh and take an impromptu cooking class at home, or pick up one of the numerous art project boxes to be found online that you can sit down and do together.

Doing something together beyond dinner and a movie can make the night stand out from all the other typical dates, holidays or special times together. Sometimes it’s less about being fancy and more about having fun. Together.

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Valentines Day Gift Guide – Give the gift that Keeps on Coming

Subscription boxes. We have all heard of them and some of us are obsessed with them! My favorite is FabFitFun (You can find out why here, here & here) But! There is a box out there for pretty much any hobby and lifestyle. The biggest problem with subscription boxes is trying to figure out which one to get.

Most subscription boxes offer a  variety of payment options, you can choose a recurring monthly payment, a lump sum for several months or an annual fee. The annual fee is usually the best deal but can be pricy depending on our budget. Still, if you were planning on dinner, a movie & a present then it’s probably pretty close. Even better, as an ongoing subscription, your significant other will be reminded of how you feel everytime they get a parcel!

The only downside is the shipping times for these boxes might not line up perfectly with Valentine’s day. If that’s the case I suggest wrapping up a picture or other item to signify the gift is on it’s way. It’s exciting to wait for surprises in the mail so I know I wouldn’t mind this option at all!

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Valentines Day Gift Guide – The Bottom Line

In the end, I think a lot of people stress over gifts needlessly. Be confident in your knowledge of your significant other and put some thought into your gift. You’ll be fine! Valentine’s Day is often hyped up and marketed as a super romantic intense night and that can lead to some high expectations. Don’t focus so much on meeting the standards as just planning a fun night together. Things don’t always go perfectly but a few smiles and laughs will be remembered long after the snafus are forgotten!

What are your plans for Valentines day? Let us know in the comments below!

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Valentine's Day Gift Guide and Inspiration #Valentinsday #Valentine #giftguide #women #holiday #Valentinesday2019 #giftideas< />


  1. I admit I adore flowers. I was married for ten years and think I got flowers twice from my ex-husband, so the first time my boyfriend bought me flowers (for my birthday) I cried. So flowers are always a hit with me 🙂
    great post <3

    1. Author

      Aww! I hope your boyfriend continues to get you flowers!! I have to admit I love getting flowers too, knowing that he picked them out just for me and seeing the beautiful blooms on the table really adds something special to the house!

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